Monday, December 31, 2012

Fresh Starts & Clean Slates

In my 2012 resolutions, here is what I aimed for:
  • Become more "balanced". With baby, a husband, a house, a full time job, & owning  photography business - life get's a little hectic. I will become better scheduled, better organized, spend more time with Zeke, & make dinner more often. I can say that I made strides in this's going to carry over into this year because frankly I still have room for improvement. I do make dinner more, I did get very organized, & I did learn to slow down a bit.
  • Take more pictures (not only professionally, but especially personally) I did do both.
  • Lose 30 lbs. (Yea, I know. Everyone has the same resolution year after year. I've lost 45, now I just need to lose the last 30 and I'll be one happy chick.) Ok, this didn't happen. I have lost another 10. I'm still hoping to lose 30 more after that and I WILL accomplish it this year.
  • Practice a healthier lifestyle. (Among these things - finally quitting smoking hopefully, eating less processed foods, trying more natural foods & products.) I did not quit smoking *sigh* but I have practiced a healthier food lifestyle. I enjoy it - Noah & Zeke not so much.
  • Make a serious tackle down on paying off our "debt" off everything except our mortgage. (Of course, this requires a lot of actual work for Noah but I know he's on board with me.) We have made some really awesome strides here. We are not debt free but we are on our way & it's getting closer!
Last year, this reason I wanted to do most of this was to be able to "declutter" my life and find ways to release things that distract me so I can accomplish what God wants to accomplish through me. 2012 has been eye opening. He's brought me to some interesting places this year...some awesome and some really not so awesome. There are aspects of 2012 I would never want to live again but at the same time I can see how He orchestrates things to grow us - to break us out of our complacency about life and to Him. Jesus - my King of Kings - is shaping me to be the best daughter of God I can be. Through it all, I see His work for me...His plan unfolding even though I don't have the slightest idea what it is. So this year, I vow to do just three things:
  • Learn to listen to God. Spend much more time in His Word instead of making it a last priority & frequently skipped time.
  • Be a better person. 
  • Lose the last 30 lbs I need to drop. It would be nice to be at my optimal health and to feel that great sense of accomplishment of meeting my final goal.
You know, I have the greatest confidence that I can do all of the above It's a new year - a time for fresh starts and clean slates. I'm looking forward to the freshness tomorrow morning will bring. 2013, I'm looking forward to you.

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