Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Reindeer like food, too.

I was feeling festive yesterday. At about 3:30, I decided that I wanted to have a "Reindeer Party" (Yes, I made that name up) for the kids. Luckily, I have a few wonderful friends who come to my house when I say "I want to have a literal last minute party for the kid's..."

At about 5, I left work, ran by Walmart for cookies, & picked up Zeke from school.

At about 6:30, I had accomplished this:

Not too too shabby if I say so myself.

What is a reindeer party? It's kind of like this really cute North Pole party I saw here; just not as cute. I would really like to fancy it up & make it pretty like hers next year. I might even find an elf. Our party involved milk and reindeer cookies and making treat bags for the reindeer to eat while they waited on Santa Claus to deliver the presents at their house. (Honestly, I'm still debating just not really pushing the whole "Santa Claus" thing with Zeke and I may not still cause he's a little young this year but all the other kid's believe so why not? While I don't want Zeke's emphasis to ever be on presents & Santa during Christmas, I could never be a dream squasher for other children. No one likes a dream squasher.)

In my head, it was going to be magical & the kids would be in awe of the wonderfulness. They would be really quiet & happy and gently play together.

In reality, they destroyed my house within 30 minutes, played tag, & cried a lot once the sugar high was gone. Admist the chaos though, I had fun. They had fun. And it was a little magical when the kid's made their reindeer food because their obvious belief in Santa & reindeer was showing. I had this humorous exchange with my niece, Natalee:
"Auntie, Reindeers can eat glitter?"
"Um....sure they can. Reindeers are extra special so it's ok for them to eat glitter."
"Well, that's just weird."

A good night for all of us, I hope.

In other child-related news, Zeke went to bed without his paci last night. He didn't ask, cry, scream, or beg me for it. In fact, I was the more emotional of the two of us. This was a kind of last milestone of "baby" stuff for him & I'm left with a lingering sadness over it. Temptation almost sent me to the kitchen to scrounge up the spare paci just to see his chunky little face light up. Luckily, unless it involves brownies, I'm pretty good at ignoring temptation.

13 days till Christmas people, 13 days.

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