Friday, January 4, 2013

Favorite 2012 Furniture Re-Dos

I accomplished a lot on the homefront last year. My 3 biggest projects were our bedroom, our main bathroom, & the kid's bathroom. I have yet to show you the finial finished rooms (though I plan to, soon!) but I do want to share my 3 favorite furniture makeovers for 2012:

1. My $10 side table 

2. The $3 footstool from the thrift store that the lady thought I was crazy for buying

3. Our long hunted for perfect sized dresser for our bedroom
Yea, I know that's not my family in those frames. That has changed since I took this. :D
Actually, these are probably my three favorite of all time.

& I will eventually get around to sharing the makeover's for each room as well. Let's see if this year can be as productive as last!



  1. I can see where those would be your 3 favorite furniture re-dos. I am going to have to go check out that footstool. I love it. I can only imagine that it didn't look anything like that when you bought it. And, the dresser with the generic pictures...that is hilarious. I think you should have left them :)

  2. What great finds! Loving that dresser!!!
    xo TJ


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