Thursday, January 17, 2013

Snowmageddon. Sort of.

Here's the whiny part:
After days of rain and much flooding in our area, the weather took a sudden turn and dumped lots of snow very quickly this afternoon. My car was in the shop for a very expensive replacment of brakes, tires, & a battery. It wasn't ready & I was supposed to be 40 minutes away to pick up Zeke before daycare closed in an hour and the snow was beginning to pour. Anxiety begins. Sister can't get out of her driveway, my Dad got stuck in traffic and couldn't make it, & I hated to call Noah because he just pulled a 16 hour shift and was barely getting any sleep before having to go back in. Anxiety sets in. I did call him and the snow was really bad on our mini-mountain so he wasn't sure if he could get out or make it in time. Car is ready half an hour later. Fast forward another hour and what am I doing?

Sitting in traffic. (I ended up doing for almost 2.5 hours. I made it less than 5 miles in that time I think.) Noah's parents were on their way to get Zeke for him but he had to take him to work because even he couldn't make the short trip home. It was apparent that I wasn't making it home either. I had skipped lunch, I was hungry, and I really needed to pee. Anxiety is getting bad. Did I mention through all this that our Verizon cell tower was totally whack and no Verizon calls were working and texts were sporadic? I had no idea at one point if anyone was going to be able to pick up Zeke. The roads were terrible. People were wrecking, stuck, & pulled to the side. Giant truck was driving stupidly in the emergency lane next to me. I was out of my element, I was nervous, I was getting angry. My anxiety was waaaaay up there.


Here's the praising part:
Midpanic, I tried to distract myself. I figured while I was standstill on the interstate that I would take a picture of the trees. They were beautiful. A picture of gloriously perfect snow covered branches.
Picture really doesn't do it here - it was very pretty.
 I rolled my window down to try to get a better picture & was so amazed by the quiet I forgot to take the picture again. Instead of the usual hustle & bustle of the loud interstate - the wooshing cars and whir of wheels on pavement - it was...quiet. Beautiful trees and beautiful clean white snow. Almost peaceful. Of course, when I looked ahead I was reminded of my current standstill traffic head-beating-on-the-steering-wheel worthy predicament. (Reminder to self: Jess, Stop staring at the problem in front of you and appreciate the little miracles of God's handiwork.)
From that point on, I was alright. Anxiety subsided - I realized that it could only last so long and at least I had a chance coming up to get off the interstate where I could use the bathroom & get some food.
You know - it did all work out. Noah made it to pick up Zeke and got him safe, my wonderful inlaws gladly picked him up. After a cry for some divine intervention with cell towers, I knew Zeke was safe with Noah via text before I started panicing. (Notice I'm a bit of a panicker?) I was fortunately able & wise enough to pull of and park at a gas station instead of being stuck on the interstate any longer. There was a bathroom & I even got to eat Subway before they ran out of food (a lot of people stopped at this gas station). In the end, we all made it to homes safely and I'm currently snuggled next to the sweetest, snuggliest, quirkiest, & most loved little boy in the whole universe. (Bonus: Dad's house has DVR and a hot tub.) And tomorrow? Tomorrow we can play in the first real snow Zeke has ever witnessed.

Life isn't always good but God is incredible.

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  1. What a beautiful post, all born from anxiety and frustration. You were able to get perspective and appreciate the blessings. What a great reminder for all of us.


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