Saturday, February 2, 2013

Cause babies don't keep.

A Saturday off work. It started with Zumba, then a trip to the grocery store, then unloading groceries/putting a child down for a nap/taking a shower/wrapping a present/getting ready/waking child up from nap early/rushing out of the house to get to a birthday party/then driving home paranoid on suddenly snow covered roads. 
I felt rushed all day; the never ending to-do list of motherhood was overwhelming my thoughts and turning me into a Mommy machine. On autopilot as soon as we walked in the door, I was thrust into dinner mode. As I shamefully nuked some fish sticks for Zeke, I looked at him and just saw a glimpse of something on his face. It almost looked like..disappointment. It could have just been gas but point being - I realized that the stupid fish sticks could wait. Dinner can wait. Bathtime can wait. Why? Cause growing up don't wait. (I've been mourning this whole loss of babiness recently. Can you tell?)
"Zeke, do you wanna go outside and slide in the snow?"
I commenced bundling up with multiple coats and pants until Zeke resembled Ralphie's little brother.

He had socks on his hands and excitement in his little heart.

We didn't sled for very long in our makeshift snow gear but it was long enough. Long enough to make our butts sting with the cold & our love tanks feel full. Long enough to laugh and smile and forget about what we were supposed to be doing. Long enough to etch a permenant happy memory in my mind. Long enough to watch as my once little baby got on a sled and shot down the hill all by himself.
Even though it was almost dark and definitely dinner time, when Zeke asked "do 'gain?" over and over - well, for once I said "Again? O.K."
It was the most beautiful part of my whole week.

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  1. Omg, what a smile this post put on my face!!! You're an awesome mom! :)


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