Saturday, February 23, 2013

February Self Portrait: Reflection

Note: It's slightly awkward to take a picture like this without blocking your face with the cell phone.

I feel kind of MIA these last few weeks but as seasons of life come & priorities get a little shifted. Right now I'm juggling a few new different small group for marriage, new 6 week bible study, working hard to make exercise an everyday thing and really buckling down to get to that healthy point for me. I'm find myself not home at least 3-4 evenings a week right now & haven't had much downtime for home projects or crafting. I've been trying to focus more on relaxing & reflection when I feels right for once. The control freak inside of me really hates this "off schedule" feeling but I'm trying to embrace it for what it is. Seeing that the themes for my year seems to be surrender & trust, I'm surrendering my controlish nature to God and trusting Him to open up new views on life and new vision for me.

Fun tidbit: I'm an anti-hoarder except when it comes to sentimental things. I love seeing things that remind me of little happy moments. My rearview mirror is an example. See the macaroni strands? Zeke made that necklace for me last year for my birthday. I also keep a strand with an elephant charm, a windmill charm, a charm from my dad, & a cross charm that's literally been in every car since I began driving. I joke it's my lucky charm - I've never gotten a speeding ticket. There is a clear sparkling necklace that makes the sun dance around my car on pretty days from my neice, and an way old air freshener that reminds me to "Be Free". It all makes me smile.

Want to embrace your self this year? Join up with some of us gals committing to a self-portrait each month.
While Wearing Heels


  1. I am so glad, even with how busy you are, that you took time to participate in this month's reflection self portrait. I love your reflection and that it captures so many special things as well. How sweet that you have a macaroni strand made by your little one and charms from your dad. AND, how lucky are you to have never gotten a speeding ticket.

  2. Neve had a speeding ticket? I want a good luck charm :) it is so hard to take a pic with your phone without you face covered and since I see your a photographer I figure us mere mortals had no chance :)

    Lovely post good luck with the health challenge.

  3. cute pic! and good for you on surrenderer and letting God take control! with you there sister!

  4. i luv it! the pix and your anti-hoarder except sentimental things - i'm the same way. thank u so much for your sweet words - definitely a new follower.

  5. Surrendering to God= living life the way you should! Wonderfully said.

  6. I'm majorly anti-hoarding as far as most stuff...but then I recently came across the movie ticket to the first movie I ever saw with Angel...and the ticket to his college graduation ceremony...I definitely have that sentimental side, too.


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