Thursday, February 7, 2013

Morningstar Farms Veggie Burgers {review}

Last Monday, I officially started a 6 week "Biggest Loser" challenge in my Zumba class. If I lose the highest percentage of weight in the 6 weeks, I win the cash prize made up from the pool of money each contestant puts in. Of course, I'll also get the benefit of feeling & looking even better. Word. I'm currently combining my excercise with a 1200-1400 calorie diet. I'm ready to drop these last pounds and I'm ready to win some money for a new wardrobe. ;)

A 1200 calorie diet is not a lot so I need to watch what I eat (I use My Fitness Pal to track foods in & excercise..great app!) I recently recieved a coupon from BzzAgent to try the MorningStar Farms veggie burgers. I was interested in trying them because I knew they were a great alternative to hamburgers; they can offer up to 74% less fat than regular hamburgers.

In my attempt to "broaden my horizons" on eating different foods, I've come to have a love for black beans so I thought I would give the Spicy Black Bean burgers a try.

MorningStar Farms® Spicy Black Bean Burgers

With black beans, roasted corn, brown rice, and chili peppers, these burgers definitely have a whoa-that-was-good-now-give-me-some-more kick to them.
  • 120 calories, 4g fiber, 11g protein and 73% less fat*
*MorningStar Farms® Spicy Black Bean Burger (67g) contains 4g fat per serving, compared with regular ground beef (67g) containing 15g fat per serving.

I've never really known anyone to say "Hey...I LOVE veggie burgers" so I was really not sure if I would like them but I was definitely wanting to try so the other night was my Meatless Monday. Turns out - they're really yummy! I simply let mine thaw out just a little, placed it in a skillet on medium and cooked for about 7 minutes while turning frequently. Instead of a big hamburger bun, I used the 100% wheat Sandwich Thins.

You don't have to eat it just like a burger either. It's a pretty versatile little thing. I cooked up some long grain rice last night, topped that with the black bean burger and topped the burger with some black bean & corn salsa. It was a great little choice for a quick, easy, & healthy dinner.You can find recipes for ways to use the various veggie burger/patties here on their website or check out their Facebook page.

 This will definitely be a new staple in a healthier diet for me.

I recieved a coupon from BzzAgent for a free sample of product  and product coupons in ecxhange for providing a real, honest review. Yes, I honestly did like them that much. ;)


  1. As much as i'm into health (teaching, etc) I have yet to try these. I might just have to give them a go. Also, on a 1200 calorie diet, as long as the veggies aren't starchy, you can eat unlimited quantities to keep you from being hungry without hurting your calorie count.

  2. I'm in a zumba class too! I love it! My husband and I are trying to eat better. I have never tried these - but I would totally be up for it. My husband however is the world's pickiest eater and wouldn't even attempt to try one of these lol! His picky eating has definitely made it a difficult task for coming up with healthier meals - although he has broaden his horizons and now eats tomatoes - he's so adventurous!


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