Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Cara Box Reveal {march}

Last month, I participated in the "Cara Box" swap over at Wifessionals. (You can check out details there) It general you send a fun little gift box to a gal and a different gal will send you a box. It follows a different "theme" each month. "Cara" means beloved friend so the whole concept is to meet some new friends & show them some love.

Our theme was to fill the box with the first letter of the person's name. We each got a person to send & receive with a "J" name. This month I got to send a box to the lovely Jennifer at Bubbly & Buttercream. You can check out what I sent her here because I'm a goof who forgot to take pictures of what I sent her. :)

Joy over at The Sowell Life sent me some really awesome stuff! Joy is a super sweet gal and she picked out some great stuff!

A new journal, some jewelry (i.e. a new bracelet in my favorite color!), some Starburst jellybeans which are proving really handy for potty training Zeke (& also hiding so he can't find them) , a fun jewelry holder, a lovely new nail polish color, & the 'Just Go With It' movie. Thanks Joy...I love my surprises!! :D

It was nice to learn a little bit about both of you gals & I love the Carabox you sent me Joy! I'll definitely join in again...it was fun to have a little creative shopping for someone else. (I love giving presents!)

If you wanna join in the Carabox, go visit Wifessionals to sign up &  learn more.

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  1. YAY... so glad you loved it! And it was so nice to have met you. I love following your blog.


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