Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Spring Itch.

If you haven't noticed the lack of craftiness, refinishing, & thrifting that has been lacking from me lately, then you probably haven't been reading this blog at all. Frankly, winter sucks. I'm one of those seasonally affected people and my creativity & drive to create in the winter pretty much hums down to nothing. BUT my 10 day weather forecast shows warmer temperatures and more sunshine in our future and I'm starting to feel that all familiar tingle of creativity and drive. The itch to be productive and to give life to ideas and other people's junk.


In other words, you should see more creative stuff in the works soon if that's what your here for. If not, you'll probably see whatever else it is you are here for, too. 


  1. it's ok if you are taking a break from crafts. i take huge breaks all the time until some person tracks me down and demand my help on something. ha.

  2. TOTALLY understand craft braking- you need it sometimes... helps the other stuff come out great when it's time;)
    *high fives for spring!*


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