Friday, December 17, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas...from my family to yours!
Yes, this was our dorky Christmas card photo this year. :)
And a few from Zeke's Christmas photo shoot that I finally took one morning...
This was an entire big lollipop but I sorta broke it...and had to improvise.

Tis' the season to be crafty...

So this year I am the one in the office taking the winter layoff. It's kinda weird being that I've worked at Evergreen since my senior year in high school without a break pretty much but I wanted to use this time to stay at home with my sweet, sweet baby boy who is growing up so quickly! We are enjoying our time together and spending our chilly days as cuddle bugs in our toasty home. :o)

I am also using my time wisely to 1) Keep the house intact and clean 2) Get some stuff done on my "To-Do" list 3) Play crafty (and a few nights a week of guilty pleasure tv time).

My two most recent projects were a success (and pretty cheap to make, too!)



  • White Wooden Letters from Michael's $2.49 ea.
  • 3 Small Containers of Acrylic Paint $1.49 ea.
  • A set of Paintbrushes $3.49

I mean, it was a little harder than I thought to paint circles. (Really, freehanding is kinda hard!) Some aren't perfect but hey, it's cute! (The letters are actually painted an off-white/ivory color but due to the picture lighting, they look white.)

I've seen people with these cutesy wreaths above their beds with flowers and such and I thought...hey, I want one! Our room colors are key lime green walls with black furniture and purple accents so...

(Once I uploaded this picture, I realized it's much cuter in person..the picture makes it look kinda awkward) So after spray painting the wreath black, I looped ribbon through & around, super glued some flowers on and tied a small piece of ribbon in the back to hang it with.
  • Plain Wreath from the Dollar Tree $1
  • Loose Artificial Flower Blooms in a bag $1
  • Mini Can of Black Spray Paint $2.99
  • Roll of Purple Ribbon $1.49
  • I also used a mini glue gun I also possessed
After Christmas, I'm going to have to be on the hunt for new ideas. Especially home improvement ideas...I looooooove home remodeling/decorating.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Zeke's first Halloween. Unfortunately, my creativeness didn't remember to tell me that it would be totally cute to dress Zeke up as a parrot since I was going to be a pirate. So, we we're matching pirates.

He was infatuated with the parrot I wore on my shoulder though...

and plus (aside from the fact this picture is poorly taken and he refused to wear his hat)
wasn't he a doll?!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

How they grow!

Zeke will be 6 months old this week. That's half a year! Wowsers, already! He's gotten to be such a big boy...literally. He's HUGE! This was 4 months....

He loves to "talk". And make weird noises. And smile. And laugh. And melt my heart.

He's getting so smart, too! He's definately picked up on the whole when-I-cry-someone-will-eventually-pick-me-up. He got his first two teeth a couple weeks ago. (Two adorable little chiclets in the bottom of his mouth) He likes to bite & put everything possible in his mouth. He is such a good boy, too. Such a happy, pleasant baby...usually. He's obsessed with food. Someone has snuck him Pepsi at some point because he screamed & grabbed for a Pepsi can yesterday.

I love to watch Zeke & his Daddy together. Noah is such a great Dad & it totally shows. They bond by watching the History channel and Star Wars. Yes, Zeke actually likes to watch it. And his Daddy bought him a Star Wars poster for his room. I know...cheesy. (But I compromised since I never let Noah touch the home decor)
I am just so amazed at not only how much a baby can grow from a tiny cell into a small (well, 9lb 90z) baby in just 9 months but how much in just 6 months he has grown physically, mentally, & emotionally.

I've always wondered why mom's would say they stare at their children while they sleep. I figured eventually you would get bored with it. But every night after Zeke has gone to sleep, I stare at him for a few minutes and give God thanks for such an amazing creation. We waited so long to have a baby and I had almost accepted that it may never happen. I am so fortunate to have such a wonderful husband & healthy happy baby. God couldn't have given me greater gifts.

For this child I prayed
and the Lord has granted me what I asked of Him.
1 Samuel 1:27

I strive & will always strive to not only be a great mother but to provide a home to my sweet boy of stability, love, kindness, compassion, mercy, strength, & Godliness.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July

What an awesome weekend I had! Nathan got to visit for like 5 days, Bri & Adam got to bring the kiddos in, lots of family stuff went on, lots of food, fun....definately lots of kiddos! All seven of the grandchildren were in was great! (And exhausting!)

We even took cheesy matching shirt family pictures. :D (check it out below!)

And have I mentioned that I have an awfully handsome little family myself?

Life is good :o)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Ezekiel David Claman

It's really sad that I haven't even posted since 11 WEEKS before Zeke was born. AND he is almost 7 weeks old!

I got pretty big those last 6 weeks and wanted to document my big 'ol belly in a nice tasteful way. Thus, this photo was born and is going on the hallway wall adjoining the picture of Noah & Zeke and I really should get one of him & me as well...this was 38 weeks which was roughly a week and a half before he was born.

My tiny bundle of love was born on May 13, 2010. The day after my birthday. 9 lbs, 90z, 22 inches long, 10 little fingers & 10 little toes...(actually, they are really long fingers and toes compliments of his Daddy.) The day after my birthday. Excellent labor, excellent epidural, excellent delivery. If I was positive all births would go like that and that all my children would be as wonderful as him, I would have 10. I mean, all my children will be wonderful, but he's like the baby people dream of I think. He goes to bed around 9-11 everynight, gets up to eat every 4-5 hours and returns to sleep until about 9 the next morning, he is rarely fussy, and is just the sweetest thing. Even my pregnancy was generally complaint free and easy.

AND all the baby weight is gone! *sigh of relief* Now to get on those other 30 lbs.... ;)

I'm back to my day job @ four days a week. I'm also really looking forward to be able to do some sessions this summer/fall :) ....I've really missed being able to get out and work with my camera.

Until then, here's a picture of Zeke & his Daddy in the hospital:

He is just beautiful though, really. I love being with him & I just melt sometimes when he is sleeping with those pouty little lips sticking out. And Noah is such a wonderful Daddy :)

Friday, February 26, 2010


It's been a bit since I've updated. Sorry :)

Only 11 weeks left until our firstborn (Ezekiel David) will make his arrival! It seems like it's been forever since I found out I was pregnant but at the same time I can't believe I've got less than 3 months left! Noah & I are both so stoked & baby has looked healthy at all appointments. I can't believe God has blessed me with such a wonderful thing :)

I'm also excited for spring! I've not really gotten to pick up my camera much in the last 4 months and I'm itching to get some good pictures in. We'll be going to Florida soon for a babymoon so I just might snap away the entire time we're there. I'm excited to get back into doing some sessions later this spring/summer, tho.

Just 11 weeks :D