Monday, June 28, 2010

Ezekiel David Claman

It's really sad that I haven't even posted since 11 WEEKS before Zeke was born. AND he is almost 7 weeks old!

I got pretty big those last 6 weeks and wanted to document my big 'ol belly in a nice tasteful way. Thus, this photo was born and is going on the hallway wall adjoining the picture of Noah & Zeke and I really should get one of him & me as well...this was 38 weeks which was roughly a week and a half before he was born.

My tiny bundle of love was born on May 13, 2010. The day after my birthday. 9 lbs, 90z, 22 inches long, 10 little fingers & 10 little toes...(actually, they are really long fingers and toes compliments of his Daddy.) The day after my birthday. Excellent labor, excellent epidural, excellent delivery. If I was positive all births would go like that and that all my children would be as wonderful as him, I would have 10. I mean, all my children will be wonderful, but he's like the baby people dream of I think. He goes to bed around 9-11 everynight, gets up to eat every 4-5 hours and returns to sleep until about 9 the next morning, he is rarely fussy, and is just the sweetest thing. Even my pregnancy was generally complaint free and easy.

AND all the baby weight is gone! *sigh of relief* Now to get on those other 30 lbs.... ;)

I'm back to my day job @ four days a week. I'm also really looking forward to be able to do some sessions this summer/fall :) ....I've really missed being able to get out and work with my camera.

Until then, here's a picture of Zeke & his Daddy in the hospital:

He is just beautiful though, really. I love being with him & I just melt sometimes when he is sleeping with those pouty little lips sticking out. And Noah is such a wonderful Daddy :)