Friday, December 17, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas...from my family to yours!
Yes, this was our dorky Christmas card photo this year. :)
And a few from Zeke's Christmas photo shoot that I finally took one morning...
This was an entire big lollipop but I sorta broke it...and had to improvise.

Tis' the season to be crafty...

So this year I am the one in the office taking the winter layoff. It's kinda weird being that I've worked at Evergreen since my senior year in high school without a break pretty much but I wanted to use this time to stay at home with my sweet, sweet baby boy who is growing up so quickly! We are enjoying our time together and spending our chilly days as cuddle bugs in our toasty home. :o)

I am also using my time wisely to 1) Keep the house intact and clean 2) Get some stuff done on my "To-Do" list 3) Play crafty (and a few nights a week of guilty pleasure tv time).

My two most recent projects were a success (and pretty cheap to make, too!)



  • White Wooden Letters from Michael's $2.49 ea.
  • 3 Small Containers of Acrylic Paint $1.49 ea.
  • A set of Paintbrushes $3.49

I mean, it was a little harder than I thought to paint circles. (Really, freehanding is kinda hard!) Some aren't perfect but hey, it's cute! (The letters are actually painted an off-white/ivory color but due to the picture lighting, they look white.)

I've seen people with these cutesy wreaths above their beds with flowers and such and I thought...hey, I want one! Our room colors are key lime green walls with black furniture and purple accents so...

(Once I uploaded this picture, I realized it's much cuter in person..the picture makes it look kinda awkward) So after spray painting the wreath black, I looped ribbon through & around, super glued some flowers on and tied a small piece of ribbon in the back to hang it with.
  • Plain Wreath from the Dollar Tree $1
  • Loose Artificial Flower Blooms in a bag $1
  • Mini Can of Black Spray Paint $2.99
  • Roll of Purple Ribbon $1.49
  • I also used a mini glue gun I also possessed
After Christmas, I'm going to have to be on the hunt for new ideas. Especially home improvement ideas...I looooooove home remodeling/decorating.