Friday, December 30, 2011

Goodbye 2011.

2011 has been a pretty stellar year. Some of my favorite parts:

  • Zeke's 1st birthday. 

  • Noah & I celebrated our 5 year Jamaica.

  • The opportunities I had to take Zeke on mini trips to enjoy each other.

The discovery of the mucho love I have for thriftiness, remaking furniture, & being crafty.

Buying Betsy the couch.

I'm glad I took more time to savor God's wonderfulness.

I embraced my hot Mom-ness. That's right. I'm not a skinny chick, I drive a sedan with goldfish crumbs in the back, I might have a few stretch marks (I'll wear a bikini anyways), and I probably should fix my hair more. Even through all that, something about being a Mom has caused me to embrace my imperfections & realize that I am beautiful.

And dorky.

 2011 has been a good year.


res·o·lu·tion {noun}

  • a resolve or determination: to make a firm resolution to do something
  • the act of resolving or determining upon an action or course of action, method, procedure, etc.
  • the mental state or quality of being resolved or resolute; firmness of purpose  

With 2012 just a few days away, I suppose I should start thinking about my New Year's resolutions. I choose every year to make them but I hardly ever choose to complete them. In years past, my resolutions have been loosely made and usually forgotten about in a few weeks. This year will be different. As you see, the definition of a resolution includes determination & a mental state of purpose. Dear friends, that is much different from the "I will blah blah blah" of halfheartedness that the majority of us "commit" to on New Year's Eve. This year will be different.

So here we go. 5 commitments of 2012.

  •  Become more "balanced". With baby, a husband, a house, a full time job, & owning  photography business - life get's a little hectic. I will become better scheduled, better organized, spend more time with Zeke, & make dinner more often.
  • Take more pictures (not only professionally, but especially personally)
  • Lose 30 lbs. (Yea, I know. Everyone has the same resolution year after year. I've lost 45, now I just need to lose the last 30 and I'll be one happy chick.)
  • Practice a healthier lifestyle. (Among these things - finally quitting smoking hopefully, eating less processed foods, trying more natural foods & products.)
  • Make a serious tackle down on paying off our "debt" off everything except our mortgage. (Of course, this requires a lot of actual work for Noah but I know he's on board with me.)
Most of these things ultimately lead to one resolution in the end: To be able to fufill the plans God has for me by "uncluttering" the things in life (constant busyness, finances, & health) that easily distract us from Him. With God I can happily & fully fufill, not only my resolutions, but His resolutions for me. 

So, what are your resolutions for 2012?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Christmas was wonderful. Overwhelming...but wonderful. There were so many places we went to spend time with our families that I just didn't keep up with pictures. I did however get some Christmas Eve/Christmas morning...

See our ornament-less tree? Curious & destructive little boys & ornaments just don't mix. ... Christmas started Friday evening for us so by the time Christmas Eve night came most presents were car loaded to bring to different family gatherings on Christmas so even under the tree is pretty bare.

This candle was one of my favorite presents. My sweet niece Natalee picked this out all by herself for me because "Auntie likes pretty candles." :) I currently have it displayed in my kitchen. (I also loved loved loved my other presents as well...this one just had some serious toddler genuine thought put into it.)

Zeke of course was overwhelmed with presents. By the time Monday came, I had to open most his presents for him. I do believe the drumset I regrettably  bought is his favorite. This kid loves music.

Slightly off topic but aside from music, he also loves being unclothed as frequently as possible. We've mastered removal of the diaper.

AND a milestone:

A big boy bed. This is the last of the "baby" to big boy milestones. One of those bittersweet moments. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful, safe, & merry Christmas. :)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

24 Days of Kindness: Follow-Up

Alrighty kids, it's official Christmas is over. I'm a little sad because I love Christmas but it's been a very busy weekend & I'm kind of glad to get things back to normal.

As promised, I am doing a rundown of my 24 Days of Kindness. Unfortunately, I didn't quite complete all of the days. I got really bogged down the last few days before Christmas & I didn't try very hard. But hey...nobody's perfect & I'm completely happy with what I did accomplish. I think I'll do this every year...a new Christmas tradition that I can even do with the kids as they get a tid bit older.

1. I gave a Target coupon for a $10 giftcard when you spend $50 or more to a random lady.
2. I had a sick baby this day so we only left the house to get some medicine at Walgreens. I did manage to all the change I had on me into the Salvation Army bucket.
3. Again, sick baby so we didn't leave the house much and I didn't manage to do anything.
4. I put a couple of toys in the 'Toys for Tots' collection box @ Walgreens.
5. I gave my stepmother (who is a teacher) some extra couponing school supplies I had to use herself or to share with other teachers at her school. I also pushed an elderly lady's shopping cart back so she wouldn't have to.
6. I made a donation to Gospel for Asia. (I sponsor a child monthly through them and you can also donate "items" via monetary donation at Christmas time to bless a family.)
7. I used my pretty awesome couponing skills to help my Dad Christmas present shop. This might sound silly but the man has 8 grandkids and that's gets expensive quick.
8. While shopping I saw a lady who was struggling to get herself & her shopping cart out the door so I took the time to go open both doors for her so she could easily maneuver out.
9. I baked some yummy Red Velvet cupcakes for the teachers at Zeke's daycare.
10. I packed up bags of assorted treats & hung them on all my neighbors mailboxes.
11. Missed today.
12. I paid for the person in line behind me at McDonalds.
13. Zeke & I brought 2 poinsettias to a nursing home and gave them to two ladies who were living there.
14. I practiced being a much more polite driver. (Maybe if I tried this more often I would eventually become a much more polite driver.)
15. I donated money to Toys for Tots when I was asked while checking out @ ToysRUS.
16. I made my mailman a containers of goodies & left them in the mailbox.
17. Missed.
18. Missed.
19. I baked some extremely delicious cookies & brought them to work for my coworkers to enjoy.
20. I gave a $10 off $10 purchase coupon to a random lady at JCPenney's.
21. Missed.
22. I played coupon fairy at Target. (Coupon fairy means I placed coupons underneath toys/apparel/groceries that someone could use if they were buying that item.)
23. Since I'm at Target quite often, I saw a lady looking at some sweaters & gave her a $4 off sweater coupon to use towards her purchase.
24. The last day and guess what? I missed it. Shame on me.

So there you have it. I was disappointed that I didn't quite meet my everyday goal but next year I will try even harder. I think with a being a mom, having a almost full time job, & running a photography business that I may have a decent reason for not being perfect. ;)

So, now that Christmas is over tell me some of the things you did during the Christmas season to brighten someone's day. :)

Monday, December 12, 2011

12 days and counting...

 We are halfway through our 24 Days of Kindness challenge. I hope everyone has been participating, encouraged, & blessed by this. I originally was going to post weekly on my kindness acts but I have decided to just wait until it's all over & do one post. I can say though that it has helped me think about others 100x more than I usually do & I have been so happy to spend the Christmas season helping others in small ways.

I wanted to share an encouraging act of kindness that my lovely friend Carmella has posted. In a small way, this all started from the 24 Acts of Kindness challenge I have shared but God has really blessed Carmella to make it so special by turning a necklace into a coat. Actually, as the last couple days have passed it seems that that has turned into at least 3 coats. Read it here!

So, please share some of your recent acts of kindness. I would really really like to here more!

Monday, November 21, 2011

24 Days of Kindness

I would like to say that I am so incredibly thoughtful that I made this idea up myself; but alas I got this idea from Pinterest. You know...someone blogged about this, then someone did it too, then someone pinned it, then I ended up pinning it and so on and so on. I've adapted it by creating it for the Christmas season and here it is....

24 Days of Kindness

Christmas is first off about Christ. The second part is about being grateful & giving to others without the requirement of receiving anything in return. Yes, I know that the majority of us always receive something in return but would you have the same mindset about gift giving if you weren't receiving anything back?  The gift giving part of Christmas is to me inspired by the wisemen who gifted the infant Christ who they had never met, who couldn't give gifts in return, & who had yet to do anything for them.

So why can't we do that? From Dec. 1st to Dec. 24, I challenge you to do something nice for someone you don't know everyday. (If you would like to, you can also do kind things for those you know.)  

I'm posting this early so you have time to think about some of the things you could do. Here is a quick basic list (some of which I plan on doing myself)
  • Pay for the person in the fast food or coffee shop line behind you
  • Give a store giftcard to a random person (Walmart, Target, grocery)
  • Donate to a food bank or homeless shelter
  • Buy breakfast for a co-worker
  • Leave a generous tip for your waiter/waitress 
  • Bring Christmas cards or poinsettias to a patient @ a nursing home
Or other non-monetary tasks...

  • bake cookies/goodies for your local police/fire deparment to show your thanks & support
  • donate books you no longer read to the library
  • put baked good on your neighbors doors
  • be a polite driver for a day
  • let someone in line in front of you
  • babysitting for a couple who doesn't get to go out much
  • helping someone who needs it with home/yard work
Really, just let it flow. Plan some. Make some spontaneous. Either way, do it with the spirit of giving & love. Leave handwritten notes explaining this was a random act of kindness. Encourage those who can to pay it forward.

I'll post weekly on my 24 Days of Kindness. I encourage you to share this with others & participate. Don't just read this & think "mmm, that's a really nice thing." DO IT. 

The one who blesses others is abundantly blessed; those who help others are helped. 
Proverbs 11:25  

Friday, November 18, 2011

Love Letters.

I love Zeke. I really, truly, whole heartedly, devotedly, protectively love that child. Best.blessing.ever. BUT, he's in that phase. The terrible two-hitting-destructive-opinionated-rebelling phase. I won't lie...there are some days I want to curl up in a ball or run far far away.

I often write Zeke mentally letters...or post mini letters on Facebook. They usually go like this:

Dear Zeke,

Breaking my glasses was bad timing since I'm going to see the Breaking Dawn premiere in a few hours. Now I have to drive with one arm securing them to my face.

I love you anyways,


Dear Zeke,

It would be nice if you would finally sleep through the night. Your a year and a half for crying out loud. You smush me at night & I hardly ever get a decent night's sleep.

I love you anyways,



Dear Zeke,

Your driving me crazy today. Quit being so cranky. Please stop throwing my food out of the grocery cart & screaming when I scold you for it.
I love you anyways,

Then I realized that if Zeke could write me a letter, it would probably go something like this.

Woman Mommy,
I'm only a year and a half old. I'm curious because my brain is like a sponge and sometimes that means I'm gonna break stuff. I wake up at night because I want to snuggle with you. It's where I feel the safest. I'm not the only cranky one; your pretty cranky with me sometimes yourself. Plus, how else am I supposed to express how I feel? I throw your food out of the grocery cart because I'm bored & it amuses me. Again, I'm only a year and a half old.
I love you anyways,

It's true....motherhood is the most amazing, wonderful, rewarding, & difficult thing you will do (if you choose) in your life. It requires constant learning, sacrifice, patience, &   ever growing love. I'm not a perfect mother & I never will be but I have the desire to always be the best mother I can be and that's what matters.

I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Reasons Why it's OK to see Breaking Dawn.

Ok, I know there are pretty much two extreme sides of the "Twilight" fence. Those who A: love it and those who B: hate it. There also might be me a category in there of 'borderline obsessed-go to the midnight primere wearing a Breaking Dawn shirt" type.

Either way, you shouldn't be ashamed to see Breaking Dawn (or any of the other movies for that fact). Here are my top 10 reasons why:

1. Look around. That line for the movie at midnight? It's not full of pre-teens. Lots of middle aged & older women AND men are just as eager as you to see the movie. It's not like your a 20or30something yr old in an endless sea of preteens.

2. Taylor Lautner & his werewolf buddies shirtless. There is some serious respect to be had for fitness. Eclipse provided the hottest half naked bodies since the 300 came out.

3. Deep down inside there is some deep psychological trigger that the Twilight saga ignites in the majority of the female population. You just can't help it.

4. Who says vampires have to be ruthless, blood-sucking killers with no emotions? Change is nice. I mean, who doesn't kind of want the undying (no pun intended) devotion of a sexy vampire who's eternal love for you prevents him from giving into his deep rooted insticts eating you & destroying your soul.

5. Bella actually makes quite the inspiring heroine. Maybe not so much in the first few books with all the teenage hormones/angst but she's seriously ready to lay down her life for her life sucking parasite human/vamp baby (serious show of maternal love) and her family. (I think that treads into Part II stuff..)
6. From my understanding, the wedding totally blows Kim Kardashian's wedding out of the water. You gotta get some enjoyment out of that.

7. Just because you like the movie doesn't mean you can't laugh at the whole "sparking-in-the-sunlight" deal.

8. It's 2 hours where your so wrapped up in the movie (whether you love it or hate it) you forget about any other stress/problems in your life.

9. Guys: In the middle of the sappiness, there is some action. It's not like your wife/girlfriend/sister/mother is taking you to see The Notebook. (I may or may not have made that statement particularly for Noah who I know really enjoys the movies even if he doesn't come out and say it.)

10. There is lots of moral lessons to be learned. Edward wanting to save the whole "consummation" of the relationship for marriage, something not often seen today. The truce of vampires & werewolves who are bitter enemies. The overcoming power of love. Sacrifice. Contemplations on the real meaning of life & death.  ... Sure, you might have to look past some of the special effects and occasional stiffness of the acting but it's there.

I don't know which side your on but I can tell you that I will be standing in line in approximately 5 hours to see the first public showing. ;)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Refurbishing Friends: Help a Sister Out.

We had this standard laminate black entertainment center from Walmart that once upon a time went with my decor & my tiny couch. We had been planning on getting a new couch so I began hunting for a new entertainment center as well. Out with the old, in with the new. Of course then  came along so it was time for some updating.I already knew what I wanted: a long dresser to turn into an entertainment center. I had searched & searched with no luck but finally I found & I bought this dresser off a local gal for $30 (I bartered some maternity clothing, too).

O wait. Who forgot to take a picture of the original dresser before any changes? I did. This will have to do. Note: the riveting football game on TV. Noah was probably rolling his eyes behind me for interrupting his view to take a picture.

It's a sturdy wood piece with outdated brass handles, some paint scuffs, & a couple dings. It also came with a glass top piece but wouldn't you know...I broke it. (That was fun to clean up.)

My efforts at transforming so far:

I've replaced the below handles with some simple oil rubbed bronze ones. 

I've removed the drawers in the top along with the rails/spacers. My intentions are to lay some self stick tile for the "flooring", cut a few large holes in the back for ventilation & cords to store our gaming systems/satellite box/surround sound control in it.

 What I need help with is the overall change of the finish. I'm having a mental block. If you need to see what the other side of my living room looks like see Betsy.

What do I do? Paint it? If so, what color? (I've already kicked white/black/baby blue/robin's egg blue/yellow out of the picture. My kitchen cabinets are green so that may be out, too. Unless it's a deeper green?)
I could restain it but honestly with a 18 month old in the house, I'm not sure I'm up for that. 

I could leave it I suppose.

See what I mean?! I would LOVE some opinions. Pleeeease. :)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Not So Extreme Couponing.

Have you ever watched Extreme Couponing? If you haven't, you could skip it. If you have, then you'll probably understand my post. A little part of me enjoys watching Extreme Couponing; the other part of me gets really annoyed for the stigma that Extreme Couponing places on anyone who uses coupons.

First off, let me say that couponing is a great way to save money. I really got into learning couponing to save money earlier this year and I really enjoy it. It's kind of like a game sometimes. Keep in mind that I'm no couponing pro but I'm not too shabby either. Yes, a have a mini stockpile of the basics (toothbrushes, toothpaste, body soap, handwashes, dish soap, detergent, etc.) but I don't have storage racks with enough to last me until the Lord comes back. By the way, does anyone else think we're going to see a new show soon that is a combo of Extreme Couponing & Hoarding: Buried Alive? (As a side note, I do give kudos to the couponers who buy large quantities but instead of keeping it all choose to donate a lot of it to those in need.)

Anyways, I thought I would do a blog post on what I consider a successful couponing trip that A: doesn't clear to shelves for other couponers B: doesn't make me look like a crazy hoarder and C: saved me about 40% of the money I would have usually spent.

It doesn't look like a lot but I'll give you a general breakdown: (Note: Target accepts a manufacturer & a Target coupon which is why you'll notice I used two coupons on most transactions)

Transaction #1
Glade Holiday Scented Oil Candle Holder $2.50 sale minus a $1.00 off coupon $1.50
(2) Glade Holiday Scented Oil Candles $2.50 sale ea. minus a $1.00 off 2 coupon $4.00
Glade Scented Holiday Jar Candles $2.50 sale ea. minus a $1.00 off 2 coupon $4.00
Plus I recieved a $5 Target giftcard for buying 5 since there was a promo going on.
My outofpocket total was $9.50 AND I got the $5 giftcard which makes each item just under $1.

Not bad for a yummy smelling Christmas house, eh? :)

Transaction #2:
Huggies Little Movers Diapers $9.49 minus $3 off coupon & $2 off coupon $4.49
Method AntiBac Kitchen Cleaner $2.99 sale minus $1 off coupon $1.99
Method Lil Bowl Blue Toliet Cleaner  $3.99 minus $1 off coupon $2.99
I LOVE Method products. Environmentally friendly, nontoxic
(2) Bounce Dryer Bars 2/$8 minus 2 $1.00 off coupons & 2 $.50 coupons $5.00
I LOVE the dryer bars, too!
Downy Unstoppables $6.99 minus $2 off coupon & $1.00 off coupon $3.99
Yes, I love the Unstoppables even more. My clothes have never smelled so good.
Merona Clearance Tshirt $6.48 minus $3.00 coupon $3.48 (basic black wardrobe staple)
Reach Toothbrushes 2 pk plus bonus toothbrush clearanced for $4.24 minus $.50 off coupon and $1 off  coupon $2.74 
Reach Kid's Toothbrush 2pk  $3.24 minus $.50 off coupon & $1.00 off coupon $1.74
Garnier Fructis Shampoo  $2.84 minus $1.00 off coupon $1.84
Garnier Fructis Conditioner $2.84 minus $1.00 coupon $1.84
(2) Bounty Paper Towels Giant Roll 8 pks sale $10.49 minus 4 $1.00 off coupons $16.98
Biotrue Contact Solution 2oz sale $2.93 minus $2.00 off coupon $.93
(2) Market Pantry Juices $2.64  ea. minus  $1.00 off 2 coupon $4.28 
(2) Market Pantry Fruit Snacks $1.70 ea. minus $1.00 off 2 coupon $2.40
(2) Scrubbing Bubbles Toliet Gel 6pk $3.99 ea. minus $1.00 off 2 coupon $2.00 off 2 $4.98
Market Pantry Pasta (Lasagna, Egg Noodles, Spagetti) $1.00 off 3 coupon $3.30
Total $62.97 minus $5 giftcard from previous transaction 
My out of pocket total $57.97
For it all, the original cost would have been $108.47 but I ended up paying $67.47 which is right about 40% savings on that trip. (If I have done my math right...math has always been my worst subject.) A 40% savings on general everyday use household items = excellent in my book. No, it wasn't free & no, the store didn't end up giving me money but I'm just as happy with it.

So if you watch Extreme Couponing and you think that couponing for you is a waste of time because you can't spend 12 hours in a store, you don't have time to get a 234 newspapers, and you don't need 147 boxes of Tictacs; then I hope that this post has reassured you.


Friday, November 4, 2011


Technically last year was Zeke's first Halloween but really he just spent the time in his stroller & car seat so I'm gonna pretend like that doesn't count. This year I indulged him in some real "old school" trick or treating. Old school trick or treating classifies as real door to door goings. (Yes, I think trunk or treats are a wonderful thing and we did that the week leading up to but there still is something different about the door to door experience.)

Zeke was a bear. (Read: hand me down snowsuit and eyeliner painted nose and whiskers. Why whiskers? I may have gotten a little confused.)

Whiskers or no whiskers, he makes one cute critter. After about the first dozen houses, Zeke began to get how this trick or treating thing works.

1. Walk into stranger's house
2. Be pulled out of stranger's house
3. Grab candy (sometime he would say "pwees")
4. Say byebye
5. run away giggling

 It was fun to watch him. He's learning way to much too quickly. *sigh*

Monday, October 31, 2011

Zipper Pulls

A few months ago we had a random freak storm bordering on tornado (that's probably not a big deal for a lot of you but I live in East TN. We don't have tornadoes in East TN.) Either way, the only place it really damaged was Hobby Lobby & it was bad enough to have to shut down for a few months. *sniffle* ... BUT, they reopened last week! *cheers*

So, I pulled out a few 'crafty' ideas I had found here  & there online. One of them was a tutorial on beaded zipper pulls. I've searched & checked my Pinterest but I cannot find the original gal who made them! Whoever you are, thanks for the idea!

(The picture looked less blurry when I viewed it on my camera screen.)

Before this, I had never worked on anything "jewelry like" so the two on the left were my first attempts and didn't turn out quite the same as the others. The last three I am pretty proud of. ;) The only thing I probably should have done was chose different large beads. These had a much larger center hole & therefore they stay centered on the headpin.

  • 2" headpin
  • larger bead
  • accent beads (I used two for each)
  • charms (if desired)
  • lobster clasp
  • 2 spring ring or jump ring (If you can find the spring rings, choose those. I'm worried the jump rings will eventually separate when pulled)
  • Wire/jewelry cutter
  • Small pliers
Here is what I did, you may differ depending on if you use charms or more beads.

1. Create a closed loop at the bottom of the headpin & slide on the first accent bead. Follow with the main bed & second accent bead.
2. Leave enough headpin at the top to create a loop in the above the top accent bead. Trim off excess wire & then create your loop.
3. Attach your spring ring/jump ring to your charm & then secure it to the bottom loop of the headpin.
4. Attach your lobster clasp to your spring ring/jump ring & then secure it to the top loop of the headpin.

Viola! I found this to be a relatively easy project, too. I should have invested in some small jewelry pliers to make the loops because my household pliers were a little too big & made that part tedious. I definitely plan on making more...these make great cute little gifts!


Monday, October 24, 2011

Grandfather Mountain.

Charlene (my sister-in-law) & I took the kids to Grandfather Mountain last week. Man, talk about the glory of God's creation. In the fall, the views from the park are just stunning. Stunning. It was totally worth the trip despite the fact that A: We got lost. surprise. We always get lost when we go on road trips. and B: The kids drove us crazy the entire car ride up there picking at each other & whining. Thankfully, they slept on the whole way home.

I didn't capture my usual Zeke-doing-the-mundane-that-I-always-find-amazing shots but instead focused on the beauty surrounding. The pictures speak for themselves.

I mean seriously?! Check out the miles of endless mountains. *swoon*

 Charlene watched Zeke so I could take a quick hike to the ledge that was up a little higher/went a little farther out. I felt like I could have sat up there all day and just stared.

Grandfather Mountain is a state park that has hiking trails, animal habits, & the swinging bridge. As you can see in the picture above, the bridge is 1 mile high. Yes, it really does swing. Yes, it is very very windy.
See? The trees even grow weird from the wind.

Totally worth the trip.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Mini Gallery Wall

I suppose you call this a mini gallery's the only thing I could think of beside first-time mom wall shrine. :)

I chose my favorite picture of Noah with Zeke after he was born, my self-portrait maternity shot, & one of Zeke in all his chunky sweet little baby glory. I created it by ordering 10x10 Fine Art Velvet photographs and having them mounted on styrene board. I debated back & forth on whether to use frames or not but in the end I decided to not to. These are much more sensitive to damage so it may not be the best choice but I preferred the floating look. I secured them to the wall with Command Hanging Strips.  (I apologize for the poor lighting & composition - that part of my hallway is lacking in light & width.)

The quote "It is not a slight thing when they, who are so fresh from God, love us." is a vinyl piece that I ordered. The screws? Weeeeell, they are not supposed to be there.

As a side note, you can uncover your children's eyes now, my self-portrait maternity picture does not have my boob in it....what you are seeing is my elbow. 
Have a lovely day now :)

Meet Betsy.

Betsy is our new couch. She's a hoss but she's beautiful. She's also our first piece of nice furniture we've purchased. *swoon* She really changes the way the living room looks, I am seriously regretful that I didn't take a before picture.

 Please ignore the wall behind her. It's my gallery wall in progress. :)

Monday, October 10, 2011


The weather was just ridiculously wonderful this weekend. We're talking sunny blue skies & 80 degrees.

With the impending approach of winter (so not my favorite season), I like to cram in time outside when I can. I personally have never been to a corn maze but they have gained popularity around here in the past few years so why not?

We decided to dump the stroller and just let Zeke walk. Zeke really enjoyed the whole 'free roam' thing. He ran & chased & giggled. As big as he is, he looks so tiny in between all the tall corn.

(Sorry for the poor quality of some of these pictures. Blue sunny skies & no shade = harsh shadows.)

See happy baby here? Keep going because eventually running got old. So did walking.

Did I mention we were a little lost in the maze & it was naptime? Oops. Luckily, we found our way out & had time for a hayride before heading home. Moral improved.

This weekend also brought a trip local Apple Festival where we checked out the local vendors and ate overpriced food. Saturday night brought date night with a group trip to some local caverns that were all decked out to scare the love out of us. You know...dark places/strobe light/people jumping out at you/creepy clowns/dude with a chainsaw chasing you. Yea, that's a romantic night right? 

Good weekend people, good weekend.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Movies I'm looking forward to.

Yea, this post is random but I was thinking about the movies I am excited for in the coming months.

1. Breaking Dawn Pt.1 (November 18, 2011) Yea, so shoot me. I'm a sucker for their teen-angst love, Rob Pattinson's constantly brooding face, & Taylor Lautner shirtless. (Hey! - He's 18 now.)

2. One for the Money (January 27, 2012) Have you ever read the Stephanie Plum novels by Janet Evanovich? There is like currently 18 of them I think. They are centered around the same heroine type character. I guess they would be classified as mysteries but they are also pretty funny. I've enjoyed them all & recommend the read! I'm interested to watch it  in movie form.

3. The Hunger Games (March 23, 2012) Classified as another teen book series but one you shouldn't be ashamed to read. I thought the Hunger Games trilogy was a fascinating book series. Then again...maybe I'm just a nerd? Either way, I'm also equally excited about this being turned into a movie.

I also find it a little silly to be excited for movies that are so far away but late next year I'm looking forward to: the new Resident Evil, Breaking Dawn Pt. 2, The Hobbit, Dr. Suess' The Lorax..

aaaaaand as I type this I realize that yes, I truly am a nerd.

What about you guys? Any movies in particular your looking forward to?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pssstt....I'm over here!

Wonder where I am? Why I am over at Creative Carmella! 

Carmella is one of the sweetest blog gals I've "met" & I am honored to be guest posting at her blog today (so she can take a well deserved break with her newest bundle of adorable joy) and sharing my tips for improving Everday Kid's Photography.

So come over & check it out! While your at it, follow her blog, she's got lots of great stuff!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Why I don't decorate for Fall...

because I'm a loser.

No, really though, I just don't have time. Or patience. I usually spend fall time getting my landscape ready for winter & fall cleaning chores. The thought of putting out fall decorations just to put them away in a couple months is too much for me. Sure, I'll put out some pumpkins that Zeke & I decorate but that's usually the extent.

Go ahead, put me on the home decor naughty list. I'll understand.

Not to mention, Zeke wears his fall decor on his bottom...

Friday, September 16, 2011

Necklace win from {Creative Carmella}

Creative Carmella hosted a giveaway for one of her handmade necklaces on her blog recently and *shock* I won! I pretty much rarely never win anything so I was super happy. I was even more excited when I got the necklacke because I love it! The pop of red will be perfect for fall :)

So thanks Carmella!! :)

Hungry eyes.

See that? Wolf totally wants to eat my tasty baby. Kinda creepy? Yes. 

This was part of our trip to our local park this week. I really should go more often..hiking & biking trails, a mini educational center, planetarium, & animal habitats for Zeke to amaze over.

Mr. Grumpy Gills

Plus, the deer are really friendly. 
 I can easily give him free run without worrying (too much).

Zeke is a nature boy. He loves being outdoors and exploring.

And I love the sun shining in this one grassy patch in the woods.