Monday, March 7, 2011

Kitchen Cabinet Makeover is FINALLY finished!

About a month or so agao, I decided on a kitchen cabinet makeover. I debated staining, a Rustoleum cabinet kit, and painting. I went with painting because A: It was easier B: It was cheaper C: It offered more color options. I took a Facebook vote with white or green and though the majority (ok, like everyone) said white...I picked green. Hey, I value the opinons...I just really liked the green! (Turns out it was a much better choice anyways because the white would have washed out the floors and countertops)

Being that the cabinets are 51 years old and not necessarily well cared for, they had lost their lustre and the hardware was just sadly outdated. Not even "retro" outdated, just ugh. I scored the new knobs for the doors & pulls for the drawers at Target for about $70. (Not bad since I needed like 34).

So this is a section of the kitchen

I had already added the new knobs & pulls a few weeks before. That is actually what prompted this cabinet makeover.

Here's the wreck of the process (this is the other side of the kitchen)

I did the kitchen in sections. I used a really awesome primer. I should have checked the brand before I threw the empty can was somewhere along the lines of Gripper Grey. The other primer I purchased to finish them off was a white primer and I wasn't as fond of it. Since I didn't sand the cabinets, I used two coats of primer and once they dried I applied two coats of paint.

To be frugal, I didn't buy new hinges. I took the new knobs, pulls, and old screws and hinges and spray painted them with:

It gave them an pretty almost sparkly (not teenage girl sparkly but shimmery-like)
I have no idea why I didn't take an after picture but here is a before. Ick, huh?

Did I mention I did this ALL by myself?! :D (I don't think it counts that Noah unscrewed a few really stuck screws.) So several late nights and many hours later....


My kitchen looks totally different. There's less "bulk" and it seems just more open & friendly. This is probably my favorite thing I've done. I actually think I'll be sad when we sell our house one day. This was also the hardest thing I've done to the ouse and because of this I am pretty sure I will never paint cabinets again.



  1. Jess,

    The cabinets look great! Thank you for using Rust-Oleum American Accents Metallic Spray and enjoy your new kitchen :)

    - Rust-Oleum Scott

  2. i would love it you shared this at my party! you did a fabulous job, looks great.

  3. Very Cute, it looks so vintage, I love it.

  4. i love the green! great job. thanks for sharing this at my party!

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  6. Wow, I can attest to the hard work, but they really look fabulous. And how bout that thank you from Rustoleum? Michele


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