Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend Happenings.

Well, aside from working this is my weekend:

I took an 8 & 11 year old shopping.

Though exhausting, it was strangely fun to hang out with them and shop. I can say that I am currently thankful I have a son and not a daughter. I had forgotten how much girls that age like to shop. 

Other than that, I took Zeke to the doctor for (another) ear infection, did laundry, and watched a really boring chick flick. ;)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Five Minute Fridays: Wonder

I got this from a blog I follow. She linked up & I thought I would try to do it as well.

I'm linking up at Gypsy Mama's Five Minute Friday...seems fun, you should try it too!


Little stuff: will I get a good parking spot at the grocery store? will Zeke be happy while I shop? will my luggage get lost on our plane ride? why do the bunnies keep eating my vegetables? Big stuff: am I being the best mother I can be? am I consistently showing God's love through myself & my actions? I also worry about Paranoid stuff like our plane crashing on the way to or from Jamaica and leaving Zeke without parents .. I know, morbid, right? Emotional stuff: what can I do to make a bigger impact in the world? how can I help others in my own way? what did I do to deserve such a beautiful, healthy baby boy? Curious stuff: how did God choose all the things he chose to create? and just why do Zeke's toes fascinate him? better yet, why does he ignore me when I say no? what is the purpose of 'shooting stars'...why can't they just stay in the sky?

Sometimes I wonder (haha) if I do more wondering than rational thinking during the course of a day.

2 weeks.

In two weeks, I will be boarding a plane to go here:

Photo property of Couple Swept Away.

Couples Swept Away Resort in Negril, Jamaica with my sweet hubby, sister & brother in law.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Father's Day

Past weekend: wonderful. I had 4 days off work, Nathan was in for a visit so we had a nice family weekend, & I even pulled off a nice cookout for Father's Day for a lot of us. (Including 7 kids 4 and under...yikes!)

Speaking of Father's Day, I was trying to find relatively inexpensive gifts and cards. One of the "mom blogs" I get e-mails from had something about Tiny Prints offering a code for a free card (I was a day late so I ended up with a different code and paid just .99 cents) The cards at Tiny Prints are awesome. I haven't checked out their other stuff but I got 3 cards that fit so well for each of my 'fathers'.

And to further my cheapness (hah), I made Noah some coupons. I was browsing online for ideas and ran across some of these that were very similar but I wanted them more personalized so I was able to recreate the look pretty close to what I found for the cost of cardstock I already had.

And of course, he got a Star Wars themed card.

It was an exhausting excellent Father's Day weekend.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Weigh-in Monday

I know, I know. I haven't posted in a few weeks. It's partially because I haven't been terribly strict on my diet...(see a theme here?)...but mostly because I needed batteries for my Wii Fit.

Anywho, 10 trips to the store later I remembered batteries and....

189.5 :)

That mean's another 2.5 lbs down. I've been able to not gain any weight back for several months now and have continually (but slowly) lost it. 

Plus, I bought the cutest ruffled skirt bikini bottom for the beach and you can't tell my butt is eating my swimsuit. ;)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Snuggle bunny.

Zeke got to sleep with me last night. He's teething so bedtime was rough and I finally decided I was just too tired to get up and get him later if he woke up. So we snuggled. He's just the sweetest thing...he looked absolutely precious.

Monday, June 13, 2011

'Super' letters

On a crafty note, I made the fabric covered letters again this weekend. They were for my nephew's 4th birthday. Apparently, it's my birthday present theme this year. If I ever find the pictures I uploaded of a couple sets I did about a month ago, I'll be sure to post them as well (they were SUPER cute) Making them for boys is not so easy....luckily, I was able to find boy friendly Superman & Spiderman fabric @ Hancock Fabrics. 

  If you want to check out how to make them, check out the tutorial I got here. Hers look prettier & reminds me I really need to work on my "presentation" when I take pictures. You think I would do that being a photographer and all but I tend to get super lazy when I do this stuff late at night. ;)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Good-bye 60's.

When we bought our home (which was built in 1960), it was just a tad a lot outdated. Fortunately, the guy did drywall the bedrooms but that was about it. We all know that the 60's/70's was big on paneling. *sigh* If paneling EVER comes back "in", I can assure you I will not be jumping on the bandwagon. (Really, I won't. I told Noah he could buy a Ducati if I did.)

I really, really, wish I had taken more before and after pictures of the changes we've done. Sure, most of it is little stuff but it's had a big impact on the house.

To the point: The living room was the last place that had the paneling left. (Visually, at least. We've painted over all the paneling in the rest of the house vs. replacing it with drywall.) The top 3/4 we had already painted yellow so it looked like this:

After a coat of primer & 2 coats of a creamy white paint:
Result? A much brighter & updated look. (I was going to match the before & after pictures but the only wall I didn't paint was the one I took a picture of. I have to move the entertainment center & everything so I skipped that wall temporarily.)

I'm so glad to see the rest of that paneling go.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Babies in diapers & dirty knees. A signal of quickly approaching summer.

*sigh* :)