Thursday, May 31, 2012


Ever have one of the memories from a long time ago that just embeds itself into your memory? Example:
  • The time I stepped on a rake to see the little flying birds & stars when it whacked me in the head like the cartoons did or the time I dropped a bouncy ball down the vent in a house my parent's were looking at.(Obviously all it did was knock me out.)
  • The time I dropped a bouncy ball into the vent of a new house my parent's were looking at. I took my sister outside in the yard and cried because I thought the house was going to blow up and kill them all but I was too scared to tell them because I didn't want to get grounded. (Obviously my priorities were a little off.)
  • The ER nurse tricking me into drinking some Pepsi laced with something to make me sleep so I could calmly receive stitches. (Obviously it didn't work because I still remember it.)
  • Spending a weekend by myself with my Dad & pretending I had a magical finger that made elevator doors open at my command. (Obviously I was under delusions of grandeur)
Here is one of my favorites:
  • Probably about 10-11 years ago (before we started dating), Noah & I were sitting on my Dad's front porch just hanging out and talking about whatever the heck it was we talked about back then and he said "You know, I'm going to marry you one day." It might be because I was giving him a scalp massage or it might have been typical male hormones but obviously he was right.
i am thankful to celebrate our 6 year wedding anniversary today.

**Side Note: I should probably mention that my response at the time was "*giggle* That would be weeeird." Yea, not very romantic was I? Who cares...we're totally cute now, right?!

Actually, seeing this makes me feel a little old but that's ok cause aging is good in my book. Noah's tube socks though? Not as good in my book...luckily, he's grown out of that phase.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pallet Herb Garden {revisited}

Yesterday evening, I went to my little pallet herb garden to snip some herbs for a vinegar infused cleaning solution I'm working on. I then realized it's gotten a lot better looking since my previous post introducing it.

Yea, I know. It's time to mow. I'm happy to say that all my little rescue herbs have made it & I haven't killed one yet. We've got some Lavender, Rosemary, Lemon Verbena, Thyme, Golden Sage, Grapefruit Mint (looove the way it smells), and I *think* Cilantro. My biggest dislike about the pallet herb garden is that it's not the prettiest thing in the world but it goes find with my raised garden box.

Speaking of raised garden boxes & container gardening, I'm having pretty good luck with my veggies this year:

Hot pepper, tomatoes, onions, & carrots. Can anyone say homemade salsa? Without carrots of course, the carrots are just because I like carrots. I'll probably try my hand at a few other things I can freeze, too.

Quick gardening tip: If you can get ahold of some Pine Bark Humus (Pine Bark Soil Conditioner) in your area, use it on top of your containers/pots. It gives a nice finished off look. It's a very fine mulch that can also be mixed in with the soil at the end of the season to provide richer soil next year.

What about you guys....anyone trying their hand at veggie gardening this year?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Weight Loss Tuesday.

What is your favorite healthy treat this week?
Green smoothies. I started making them a little over a week ago and I am enjoying it as a way to get a lot of my fruit & veggie servings in one go. My favorite so far is:
1 banana
1 handful or so of spinach
1 cup pineapple
splash of orange juice
4-5 baby carrots

What is your favorite workout song this week?
Um, I don't have one. But I have been belting out some Spice Girls in the car ;)

What is your favorite Work out move this week?
I'm pretty much a Zumba fan so I can't say I have a specific move. I'm also working up my jogging/running tolerance and find that I'm actual enjoying that as well.

What is your favorite healthy snack this week?
Apples..specifically the "Jazz" variety. Yum, yum!

What is this weeks bragging moment?
Technically, this was the week before BUT I had to get a new driver's license from the DMV. The last one I had was back in 2009 and I wanted a new picture. Once I got the new one, I saw what such a huge difference the 40 lbs. I have lost have made.

I look younger and happier and skinnier. Win.
Blogger NOT on a diet high/low this week?
LOW: Um, I haven't exercised in a week. I've been to busy & haven't really made the time like I should have.
HIGH: I weighed myself and finally lost about 5 lbs.

What is your Blogger NOT on a diet tip/thought for this week?
Don't focus so much on food & work with smaller portion sizes. I've found that I can eat a lot less than I thought I actually needed to be full on my lunch breaks @ work.

Slow & steady wins the race!

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Monday, May 14, 2012


This weekend marked a weekend of celebration.

My birthday on Saturday (which I've already posted once about). I had to work all day and when I say all day I mean like 9am - 8pm and Noah had to work that evening. I was still much in high spirits about my birthday though and couldn't say I didn't enjoy my day. My hubby and my Dad both did nice, thoughtful stuff for me, lots of people told me happy birthday, and of course I got some lovely gifts.
My favorite part of the whole day though was later that night when I got to my sister's house to pick up Zeke. I walked into a dark house full of 4 year old whispers quiet house to a little surprise birthday party. It was a comfortable intimate little setting with spaghetti & homemade meatballs, and handmade cards & gifts from the kids. I drove home wearing a princess birthday crown, a macaroni necklace, a beaded necklace while toting 2 puppy shaped lip glosses, a Strawberry Shortcake book, and a smile.
Thank you sister :)

25th birthday self portrait. I'm in my prime, people and I better document it while it lasts. ;)

Sunday was the simultaneous celebration of Zeke's 2nd birthday & Mother's Day. Poor kid didn't feel good. Dad "Opa" came over & we took him out for ice cream for his birthday but he didn't eat it and I made him special birthday pancakes but he didn't really eat that either.

 So we took to snuggling on the couch while watching yet another episode of Bubble Guppies. I think that was his favorite part of the day.

I really can't believe he's 2. You know, our parents didn't lie. It does go by fast. I can admit that I have taken a lot of his age for granted lately and wished it away for the sake of my "convenience" and been a victim of "distracted parenting" (texting/phone calls/chores/to-dos) I wish I hadn't and I won't anymore because (without trying to sound like a total sap) he's going to be 10 or 15 or 20 before I even realize it and I don't wanna wish it away or miss any of it.

Happy Birthday Baby Bird. I'll never be able to show you how much I love you but I'll always try.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Birthday to MEEEE!!

Today is my 25th birthday. 

I love my birthday. I like to imagine that every year on my birthday that the world runs a little smoother, the birds sing a little happier, police don't give out speeding tickets, and no child goes to bed hungry. While unlikely - since it's my birthday so I can wishful think all I want to.

At first I was apprehensive about this birthday because (as my dear sweet husband put it) "25 is a quarter of a century old". But I dumped that train of thought and started the birthday festivities early with a long hot bath, freshly painted toenails, & ready to conquer the world the 11 hour shift I am working today.

I have so much to be thankful for on this day.  Of course my life isn't perfect, but it's filling, it's purposeful, it's full of love.

Happy Birthday to me!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Jewlery Holder

This is a of those "hey, I want to do something with this". I remembered an idea I had seen on Pinterest for a Jewlery/Necklace Holder out of a cutlery organizer and conveniently, I had:
  •   a wooden cutlery organizer
  • exactly enough spare knobs from various previous projects
  • and some modge podge & scrapbook paper
I have no before pictures. When I say this was a quickie, it literally took me like 20 minutes and was so random I didn't even think to take pictures until a couple weeks later. I just modge podged the scrapbook paper to the back, ran an uneven coat of white spray paint over the sides, and super glued (yes, super glued) the random knobs and pull onto it.

Little fuzzy: sorry.

Please ignore the bright green wall. See, this used to be Nathan's room but I had to take home redecorating to a new level and trade rooms with him. (It doesn't have the bathroom but it has bigger closets & an extra 3 ft of space.) This just means that now I'm in the midst of staring at my paint cans a bedroom overhaul.

Anywho, my big miff with this is that it's too short for my necklaces. I don't really care currently because it's better than hanging them from my closet doorknob. :D

Now, if I could just get a sudden whim to cover that green paint....

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Say "Aaaaaaaaahhhh

Most kids are told to say cheese and the resulting grin is cute (if not forced). Not Zeke....

See at first I tried smiling...

then I gave up.

He's such an odd but very loveable little boy.

May baby.

Today is May 1st, and besides suffering from what I think must be my first year of allergies ever, I am super excited that May is here.

May is my favorite a month for several reasons:

  • My birthday
  • Zeke's birthday
  • Noah's & my anniversary
  • It's the prettiest & nicest month of the year (imo) I can break out the flowy skirts & dresses without having to check the weather every morning
So, welcome to May! What's your favorite month?