Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sister's Ugly Lamps.

My sister has ugly lamps. They are probably not as bad as I think they are but all the same; I dislike them. A lot. No discredits to her decorating skills; they just got the lamps a long time ago and have never replaced them. (Lurve you sister.)

I offered to find her new table lamps when I went thrifting that we could refinish. Unlike a good dresser; brass lamps are easily found for cheap.

The lamps sat in my disaster of a craft room for many months because we needed lamp shades and we wanted them cheap. I was thisclose to buying fabric to recover some but then while perusing the clearance end caps at Target; there they were. Two perfect lamp shades for just $8 each. Scoooooooore.

All I needed after that was a little oil rubbed bronze spray paint and...

Each lamp cost just about $13 to make so this was a relatively low cost project. She loves her new lamps & I love her new lamps.

Dresser {master bedroom makeover}

This is the most major piece left in our master bedroom remodel. I've been searching high & low for the past year for a dresser that was under $50, sturdy with good sliding drawers, and with a decent shape. Unfortunately, they are rare around here because I didn't finally find one until about a month ago but when I did; it met all the above criteria.

Er, I got happy about the makeover and forgot to take a picture until I had already started removing drawers & painting.

I've also been heavily deciding what accent color I wanted. With all the white pieces I've done, I really wanted a pop of color. I need something that wasn't too feminine (since Noah also cohabits this room with me) but was also pretty in it's own way. I ended up going with a grey/blue color. I like it, he likes it, everyone is happy.

The most ironic part of this makeover is that I only paid $40 for the dresser and ended up spending $38 on the new knobs & handles. (The handles ended up requiring me to fill in the old holes with wood filler and drill new holes. The spacing on the others was just awkward.)

Even Zeke likes it.....

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Necklace Holder/Shelf

I should really thank the owner of the thrift store that I snagged several of the items for our room from. I found this piece there and put it back at least twice but ended up buying it anyways.

(It had all three handles when I bought it. This picture was taken after I took them off.) It has sat in my mess of a craft/project room for several months while I ignored it but then I made this jewelry holder and as cute as it was; it was very unpractical. Too short for all my necklaces/everything got tangled/too hard to get stuff from the back that I wanted to wear. After a coat of paint for the wood and handles & some new sawtooth hangers in the back; this baby was as good as new and now serves as a wonderful necklace hanger and place to put my other jewlery.

A couple funny stories about this:

  • The mirror I already had on hand. It was an $8 clearance find at Target last year marked down from $50 because it had a small gash on top. It was white; then I painted it yellow; then I painted it purple; now it's white again. And the frogs legs cleverly cover a purple spot on the mirror where I got spray paint happy.
  • Notice my reflection in the mirror? I always hang everything crooked; it's a curse. I was so excited that this was level the first time. THEN I realized that I hung it all too high. Oops. 
I'm growing fond of these before & afters...

Besides all that, I am just so.extremely.excited about the different projects coming together in our bedroom.:D 

Lovely Little Side Table

If you've seen the His & Her Sign post then you know I was attempting to fill a small empty wall space between two closets so let's move on to part 2...

Another wonderful thrift store find was this plain little $10 table. It wasn't in that bad of shape, it didn't have too many cobwebs, and the drawer and bottom shelf made me a little happy. It's biggest issue was that it was a little er...boring.

I've kind of slacked on process pictures & tutorials because there are hundreds out there and I would feel like a broken record.

I used some primer & the same paint I used on the chalkboard, I bought a couple raw wood decorative pieces to apply & drilled a hole for a knob. All in all, pretty simple. Plus, I LOVE how it turned out.

I had everything on hand except the wood pieces so it only cost me about $6 to redo it. :D Definitely un-plain now. I might wanna straighten that knob though...

Before &  After

I'm not in love with the decor on top of the dresser but I haven't really felt very inspired about what to put there yet. Any of you have any thoughts about what to put "on top"?

His & Hers Closet Sign

Let me start by saying that this is the first of multiple posts you will see over the next few weeks. We switched our bedroom out with Nathan's recently to take advantage of the double closets and extra square footage and I have been up to my eyeballs in paint & projects to make it lovely so please bear with me while I bombard you with the bits and pieces until it is all done. K?

One of the reasons I wanted to switch bedrooms was because Nathan's room has two closets and not only does it have two closets but the closets is also bigger than the one tiny closet I had in our old bedroom. The closets are side by side with a small space of wall between...a small empty space.

I had picked up this old vanity storage mirror from a thrift store a while back like $10 bucks or less (I can't quite remember). I wasn't even sure where I was going to put it yet but I knew I'd find a place and what do you know; it was a perfect fit for that space.

First off, I removed that awful plastic storage nightmare on the back and then gave the entire thing a good coat of primer.

After that, I used some leftover chalkboard spray paint to cover the mirror then went over the edges with a white. (Crushed Ice @ Sherwin Williams) I decided to go for a more distressed look than a solid color otherwise I felt I was ignoring the detail of the frame.

I rewrote His & Hers a million 4 or 5 times and I just realized that the glare shows all my eraser swipes. Before & After shall we?

I suppose if you want, you can also check out that lovely little side table I refinished underneath it.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Colorful Door Wreath

This little project is a mixture of yarn wrapped letters and cutesy door wreaths I see on Pinterest. This was a quick & affordable (around $10).

  • 2 Balls of Yarn
  • Styrofoam wreath
  • Decoration of your choice; I chose the summery bright flower clip.

I think that is all that needs to be said; I assume the how-to is pretty obvious. I will warn you though; wrapping the yard around is really annoying. I kept getting mine tangled and having to cut it and detangle it. I didn't necessarily enjoy doing this project but I am happy with the end results so we're good. :)

Friday, June 8, 2012


Our very very first home project involved installing a deadbolt on the front door. Had we ever done it before? No. Did we look up how to do it? No. Needless to say, for the last 5 years we have lived with a mutilated front door. We cut the hole to big, had to fill in, had to paint over it - it was a hot, ugly mess. I knew that *eventually* we would replace the door because there was no fixing it.

Finally, a few months ago, I went door is probably an overrated term because it took less than 15 minutes to pick one. I had a max price I wanted to spend and either the doors were really basic for really cheap or prettier for at least $500 or there was the pretty clearance door with the lovely oval window that was in the perfect price range. I could have ordered it painted for a whopping extra like $200 but I thought that was ridiculous so I went to Sherwin Williams to hunt for paint.

First off, I didn't want red. No offense to you red door people but there are a lot of red doors lately and I'm more of a muted color type gal. I picked four that I felt would go well with the siding of our house & got some of my friend's opinions.
  • Color 1: 6
  • Color 2: 4
  • Color 3: 6
  • Color 4: 3
Really, it was too close and I had been leaning towards the purple anyways. It's "Grapey" at Sherwin Williams.

 I'll remember to take a better "whole" picture later that isn't titled at an odd angle. I just need a chair and I was snapping these before work this morning.

Painting the door was actually very easy...the typical "white" doors come in is a primer so I applied 3 coats to the door and probably spent about an hourish total. Noah got it hung last night & the new locks installed. (I love that man.)

Fyi: I did leave the opposite side white to better match the interior of the house.

Oh, and I love our new door. :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Laundry Room pt. 2

I wish I had more original names for posts but I don't so you'll have to accept my complete obvious titles.

Our laundry room started out like this...

Then we did a little remodeling..laid some floor, slapped on some paint.

It was progress but still I felt it was lacking and cluttered. I really hated that giant plastic shelving unit. Garage? Sure. Laundry room? No. I also disliked the cords, the jumbled black shelf, the tacked up no-creeper-peeper sheet, the paint cans and that I ever have laundry to do.

So, we said goodbye to the plastic shelving (Goodbye = it's disassembled and sitting in the adjoining room with the new front door we have yet to install.)

Things we Did

  • Noah put up some much more attractive cherry wood shelves (and might I mention they are very level and very well installed. I love it when he does home projects with me.)
  • We tossed stuff, we reduced stuff, we de-cluttered stuff.
  • Installed a cafe rod ($5) & new curtain ($8 clearance) to replace the tacked up sheet.
  • Used the old curtain that used to be "hiding"
It only took us a few hours on two different nights. When I say we, I mean Noah mostly because he did all the shelving and when he does something; he does it perfect. I can live with that trait.

Things I Need to Do
  • Cut & Hem the curtain down to fit flush with the ledge. The curtain is actually prettier than it looks in the picture but it looks like a solid blob here.
  • Get one more canvas bin for the top corner. 
  • Finish up the few projects to remove the rest of the clutter on the shelves. 
  • Hang the pictures just sitting on the tall shelf.
I realize that the blue walls don't really "go" but for some reason I just like that color. It makes me think of the get over it. :)

Let's look back on the laundry room progress:

 It's not quite "there" for me but it's coming along. What do you think?

Paint Can Organization

Ok, so this organizational project probably made me the happiest of the ones I've completed. Actually, the only thing I've been more happy with is my closet. (I intend on putting together a few posts of different organizational tips/tricks/methods I've applied eventually.)

We've been through a lot of paint in our house. I have painted every room in the house once and most of the time twice. I ditched quite a few cans a couple years ago when we laid the floor in the laundry room but I still had over a dozen nasty, paint covered, half full & almost empty cans.

I don't have a perfect before picture of all my paint cans before because all this was happening while we were taking down giant plastic shelving and putting up nicer shelving but it will suffice.

Ok, so you see the mess so let's just bypass that and get on with it. Jumbled paint can mess becomes....

Um, I love it. 
Let me note here that as much as I wish this was my idea, it isn't. I got it here and she noted the original source would be here. The gal from the original source of this project even has labels she has provided that you can download yourself. (I just whipped up basics to go with the sticker template I already had setup.) You can find the paint cans at Lowe's for about $2.50 each.

A great way to keep up with paint for touchups on walls, furniture, or whatever it is you paint but without the jumbled bulk of paint cans not to mention a great excuse to sift through your paint cans to determine what should be kept or thrown away.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Noah & I took off for the weekend (leaving Zeke in the wonderful care of Noah's Mamaw & her sister). Gatlinburg is usually a nice quick trip for us with plenty to see so we go with and without the kids a few times a year.

One of my favorite places in Gatlinburg? The Pancake Pantry. Best breakfast food ever.
It was extra enjoyable that day because let's face it; it's not often I get to indulge in a nice hot cup of tea in a quaint little pancake house sans child.

Plus, we went & saw Snow White & the Huntsman. It's should see it; even if I'm not always sold on Kristen Stewart as an actress.

And we went to Dollywood. It 's been quite awhile since I got to go to Dollywood and actually ride the rides and stuff. They had this new roller coaster called the Wild Eagle. It's a steel wing and your mostly suspended..pretty cool. (Actually, I was terrified at first.)
The second time, I really wanted to get my camera out to record our ride but then I had a flash back to Final Destination 3 (or 4 or 8..whatever number it was where the kid's camera is everyone's demise) so I didn't.

Aaaaand I enjoyed hanging my arm out the window while we drove through the mountains.

Aaaaand we were happy, and cute, and overjoyed at the time we got to spend together...

Until we woke up in the middle of the night Saturday with a stomach bug....then we drove our miserable self's home and proceeded to immobilize ourselves for the entire afternoon, evening, & night. I have to say that I haven't had that much rest since Zeke was born two years ago so in an odd way I am kind of thankful for that stomach bug.

Great weekend with a great hubby & even greater father.