Thursday, September 20, 2012

Are you that "Somebody?"

 A friend shared this picture on Facebook today & in turn I also shared it because I found it extremely powerful. 


I think we often feel too "small" or that we are "just one person" or the problem is "too big". It feels like our efforts would be a drop in the ocean. Sometimes it may be something small but we are too busy or too preoccupied or too worried about what other's might think & we ignore it always thinking "someone" will come along and help.

 Somebody always has to start first. The question is: Do you want to be that somebody?

 I know it's early to think about Christmas but as I intend to do my 24 Days of Kindness again this year & I will encourage all to participate. 

It really doesn't have to be limited to the Christmas season; so in the meantime, hold the door open for that mother with small children, give spare change to the person on the side of the road (regardless of what you may worry they intend to do with it), sponsor a child in another country (we personally sponsor 2 children through Gospel for Asia), find a way to participate in any cause you may feel dear about.

Go out today & be that somebody.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Nice & Easy Non-Permanent Color (review)

It's no secret...I dye my hair. I've actually dyed my hair since I was 13 (it all started with some harmless sun-in that turned my hair orange.) 

It's also no secret that dye can be hard on your hair. The new Nice & Easy Non-Permanent Hair Color is actually much easier on your hair since it is ammonia free & slowly washes out in around 28 shampoos. 
 This would be a great choice for someone coloring their hair for the first time or even someone who doesn't like bold change but would enjoy some enhancement to their current color. If your like me, then you like to try new colors. I've been a brunette, a blond, multi-colored, a redhead...pretty much every shade. I tend to stick with red so I chose Dark Warm Brown to try out; not as red as I usually like it but that's the point - it's temporary if I decide I want something different.

Let me tell you, I really needed to color. See? Washed out like crazy, people.

It was simple to mix & apply. One bottle into another, shake thoroughly, apply beginning at roots, wait 10 minutes, apply to the rest of your hair, wait 5 minutes, rinse & condition.

Now my hair color breathes new life...not as red as I usually like it but it's a fun temporary change.

*Please note: I received a free product from Vocalpoint in exchange for writing an honest review on the new Nice & Easy Non-Permanent Hair Color. The opinions are still 100% mine.**

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Hidden Jesus Frames.

I'm kind of flitting from room to room lately with various projects. I keep waiting to say I've finished up our master bedroom but I still am looking for the perfect quilt/comforter. Do you know how hard that is? Those things are expensive, too. Sheesh.

The bathroom has been an on-going project for a couple months & this weekend I got around to finishing up some frames I wanted to change up to add some color & character to the bathroom.

I'm using ivory with blue & pink/coral accents in the bathroom. These frame sizes were awkward for actual photos & I had some leftover fabric from my footstool ottoman that was perfect since it has all the colors from the bathroom in it...I love happy coincidences.

I call them "The Hidden Jesus Frames" because when I bought them (for a whopping 25 cents each) they had these little paintings inside.

I gave each frame a couple coats of craft paint & a little translucent iridescent glaze then simply wrapped the fabric around my little Jesus paintings.

It's cool. I mean, it's like what I've learned about God in my faith journey...or even how I explain him to someone who says "How do you know God exists?" .... I'm 100% positive that He's there; even if I can't physically see Him.

So I've now up got a little God symbolism going on in my bathroom.

I did something similar with the other frame but incorporated the bathroom cabinet color & a different section of the fabric in that frame.

I'm pretty much finished with the bathroom makeover. Of course, I said that about my master bedroom weeks ago. Next week, you might find me in the kitchen again.

Ornate Frame Headboard

Awhile back, I went to a thrift store (*insert surprise here*) to pick up my pretty little dresser for the bedroom and while I was there I saw this large ornate empty frame.

It was broken, dirty, & in pretty bad shape so when I asked the gal how much they wanted for it she looked at me like I was crazy and said ... $1?

Heck yes.

It might look like a mess but it was pretty simple to clean up. I physically cleaned it, removed all the old nails (all while wondering if I'm going to get tetanus one of these days), took of the top piece that was broken in several spots, used wood putty to reattach the top where the frame had become broken, and put a couple fresh coats of black spray paint over the whole thing.

I really wanted to spray paint it a different color but you can see the bottom corner is missing a chunk of itself & there were a few other spots that the black just simply hides better.

Now it provides a little focal point over our bed. :)

Yea, my bed is totally not made. Luckily, I really don't care.

I'm debating on putting something in the middle...a quote maybe? What would you do...leave it or add something inside of it?

Monday, September 10, 2012

Daytrip - World's Fair Park

My friend Charlene & I like to go on day trips. We don't have "a lot" of stuff to do in our local area that we haven't already done 100 times so we try new places. I seriously love our little day trips with the kid's; for multiple reasons...

A. It never fails that we get lost. And she never yells at me about it. In fact, we rather relish the conversations that the opportunity of getting lost brings.
B. Our kid's can act like total psycho's but we can ignore it better when we are together.
C. When we can't ignore it any longer & the kid's are still being miniature terrorists; if  one of us raises our voice disciplines the kid's, there is no judgement there.
D. The wonderfulness of getting that one-on-one catch up time gives us a sense of relaxation & gives us more energy to play with the kid's if we ever once we reach our final destination.

Last Sunday, we headed out to World's Fair Park. It's slightly funny that we took all the time to drive there because we could have done almost the same thing in the comfort of our city but hey....we like adventure. ;)

Mainly, there is a circle of big water geysers that the kid's can run in and out of. This right here is the main reason we went.

Zeke wanted no part of it so he did a lot of sitting in the grass & looking cute while my niece & nephew played.

Even Charlene & I got in despite our clothing. (It was a lot hotter outside than we thought it would be!)

After some playground & a rainstorm, the day ended even better when a relative called who doesn't live far away from there & invited us over for homemade pizza with their family.

Things like this make me happy & remind me that no matter the struggles I face; life IS good.

O yea....remind me to please share with you the picture of Charlene & I in the clothes the 8 & 12 year old girls let us borrow so we could get out of our wet ones. It's good, people.

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

His Promises.

In recent days, my world has been flipped upside down.

I'm asking God for this...

While I'm trying to remember this....

God heals. God gives peace. God is a fortress & stronghold. God loves me (and you) more than we could ever begin to comprehend. God will not leave me. God will not turn something bad into something worse; He will turn it into something beautiful. God may allow me to bend but He will not allow me to break.

I am accepting any & all prayers from those of you who pray.

(picture sources: Pinterest)