Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fairness. {thankful thursday}

I'm in the midst of the "Missing Pieces" bible study by Jennifer Rothschild. It's so so so so that "ouchie" kind of way. It's a thought-searching, soul-changing, deep look into the questions we all find ourselves asking God. (Are you there? Do you care? Are you fair?)

So today I am thankful that God isn't fair. Yes - you heard me right. I'm thankful that God ISN'T fair. Let's be honest: If I really got what I "deserved", it'd be death and the 4 letter "H" word that no one is fond of. It's true for all of us. As stated in the video we watched in our group last night, anything God gives me (even my worst sorrow) is a mercy compared to what I honestly deserve from Him. His love for me is still more than I can comprehend.

Aren't you thankful that He isn't fair, too?


  1. I think that is beautifully said- agree 100%! The blessings He has given us are HIGHLY undeserved and unfair for us to receive. -another twist on it:)

    1. I don't think any of us (even me) want to look at it that way. It isn't something that resounds happily with our souls, ya know? But hey - I signed up for real change and that's what I'm getting! :)


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