Monday, April 29, 2013

Cara Box {April}

I participated in the Cara Box exchange again this month. (You can read more about the Cara Box Exchange here. It's fun, you should try it!)

I sent a box to Ashely @ I'm Always Ashley. Ashely is a beautiful gal with a heart for Jesus & I enjoyed learning a little about her. You can see it here!

I got my box from Michele who e-mail signature states "Sent from the Millenium Falcon" so I imagine we would make great friends. She blogs over at Heart Made. I loved my box (represented by this poor quality cell phone picture. Sometimes cell pictures look great - sometimes they don't.)

I got some wonderful natural beauty products & soaps, reusable food storage like a printed Ziploc bag, handy little tool that turns bags into reusable snack containers, a reusable tote with a really cute seahorse print. She also got some snacks (already ate them all - very good!) She was thoughtful enough to throw Zeke some organic lollipops, plum organic mashable, & a car plate in the box which I thought was ever so awesome!
Thanks Michele - you rock!

Go check out the Cara Box exchange & participate in next month's swap!

Cara Box

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Spring Itch.

If you haven't noticed the lack of craftiness, refinishing, & thrifting that has been lacking from me lately, then you probably haven't been reading this blog at all. Frankly, winter sucks. I'm one of those seasonally affected people and my creativity & drive to create in the winter pretty much hums down to nothing. BUT my 10 day weather forecast shows warmer temperatures and more sunshine in our future and I'm starting to feel that all familiar tingle of creativity and drive. The itch to be productive and to give life to ideas and other people's junk.


In other words, you should see more creative stuff in the works soon if that's what your here for. If not, you'll probably see whatever else it is you are here for, too. 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Cara Box Reveal {march}

Last month, I participated in the "Cara Box" swap over at Wifessionals. (You can check out details there) It general you send a fun little gift box to a gal and a different gal will send you a box. It follows a different "theme" each month. "Cara" means beloved friend so the whole concept is to meet some new friends & show them some love.

Our theme was to fill the box with the first letter of the person's name. We each got a person to send & receive with a "J" name. This month I got to send a box to the lovely Jennifer at Bubbly & Buttercream. You can check out what I sent her here because I'm a goof who forgot to take pictures of what I sent her. :)

Joy over at The Sowell Life sent me some really awesome stuff! Joy is a super sweet gal and she picked out some great stuff!

A new journal, some jewelry (i.e. a new bracelet in my favorite color!), some Starburst jellybeans which are proving really handy for potty training Zeke (& also hiding so he can't find them) , a fun jewelry holder, a lovely new nail polish color, & the 'Just Go With It' movie. Thanks Joy...I love my surprises!! :D

It was nice to learn a little bit about both of you gals & I love the Carabox you sent me Joy! I'll definitely join in was fun to have a little creative shopping for someone else. (I love giving presents!)

If you wanna join in the Carabox, go visit Wifessionals to sign up &  learn more.