Monday, September 16, 2013

Sunny Sunday.

We took advantage of probably the most perfect summer closing days yesterday. You know...sunny and warm with clear skies. Sunday perfection. We like hiking and try to always make it a point to go where there is something unique which is almost always a waterfall. This little place is called Blue Hole and is actually a series of waterfalls all relatively close to each other. 

It's like...perfect. See?

 This is the main's the plunge pool where people swim (without regard to their fingers or toes cause it's COLD, dude.) I can't imagine jumping into it from the waterfall but people do that, too. It might be thrilling....I'd probably chicken out. ;)

We did a little exploring, too. With the exception of the main pool, it's not really a marked trail kind of deal so we were climbing up and down rocks, over creeks, over a beaver dam (yes, a beaver dam) all with a three year old. We discoverd this:

You can't see behind me obvi but there is a small river rock bed area in a small clearing right in front of this little grotto. Totally perfect. If I wasn't a little scared of bears, I would like pitch an air mattress and build a campfire and spend all night there.

I'm very happy that Zeke seems like enjoy exploring & hiking. It makes me happy cause not only can we enjoy it all together but it's good for us, too!

We finished the day off with a last chance swim in the pool and a ridiculously delicious dinner. A  best-day-ever kind of day. I'll end with a picture where I feel like I'm photo bombing my own photo....

Friday, September 6, 2013

Hot Fudge Cake: Fail.

I have a little shindig this evening with some dear wonderful friends. I opted to bring the dessert because I love to try new desserts off Pinterest. (Ironically, I'm not a very good baker OR cook. Please see: cinnamon rolls.) But  sure - I can tackle a hot fudge pudding cake from scratch.

I found this recipe from Brown Eye Baker.

Picture Credit: Brown Eyed Baker
It looks amazing and it seemed easy enough (you can find instructions there) and I totally trusted a great grandmother recipe.  Plus, all I needed to buy was the cocoa powder so it was going to be cheap, too! (Don't you hate it when you find a dessert but need to buy 8 ingredients you don't even ever use?) This was great!

Zeke helped me mix all the ingredients together and into the oven it went for 40 minutes. Timer goes off - cake is still liquid. What's a girl to do? Keep cooking it I suppose so I just kept cooking it...and cooking it....aaaaaaaand cooking it. Once I smelled it burning, I gave up. I took it out and I had fudge sauce with blackened edges.

I was seriously scratching my head people. I tried Googling it but all that gave me was more hot fudge recipes. I am apparently only the one who has ever wondered why "my hot fudge cake is so runny". I thought maybe I was crazy. I thought maybe the great grandmother really liked gooey liquid cake and I was misinterpreting what it was supposed to look like. I thought I messed up when I one and halfed the recipe. I blamed it on Zeke - he must have thrown an extra ingredient in there when I wasn't looking. It was the oven's fault. I need a new oven. I was dumbfounded.

I decided to make the best out of it and posted my fail on Instagram/Facebook and stated my innocence in any wrongdoing in the creation of this cake. One of my friends commented something alone the lines of "I did that once. I used powerdered sugar instead of flour."

Enter the lightbulb. And the bell. DING!DING!DING!

Yup, I used powdered sugar instead of flour. I grabbed the wrong canister without even thinking. Darn you Pinterest and your gorgeous pictures convincing me to fill my pantry with clear organized jars.

Brown Eyed Baker - I'm sure your great grandmother's recipe is wonderful. I'm sorry I ever doubted her!! I totally am going to try to redeem myself and try again with flour.


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Walking on the Water.

I'm gonna be straight up honest with ya'll here (whomever that is that reads this) - life's been tough lately. I'm not one of those wear-your-heart-on-your-sleeve type gals so I tend to smile and wave and when someone asks me how I'm doing say "I'm good ." Put happy pictures up. Say "Amen. God is good" when I'm not sure I've meant it. It's the appropriate response, yes? Because really - most people want to hear that. We don't like to hear ugly/uncomfortable/sad stuff. We like sunshine and smiles & rainbows and unicorns. We don't like their ugly counterparts. Seriously though, the last few months, I've been struggling a lot with joy, and life, and God. What if? Why? I wish...

The reality is that we've had several big life setbacks in the past year and even more so in the past few months. I won't go into detail because the purpose of this post is not to gather sympathy. I know there are bigger, more complicated, and dramatically more difficult lives and circumstances - not only around the world but here in the good ol' USA, too.

A lovely, wonderful, and honestly true friend sent me an article about faith.It brought up the story of Peter walking on the water with Jesus. You know - where Peter walks on the water with Jesus and suddenly becomes afraid and begins to sink because he took his eyes off the Lord and focused on the waves and turmoil? Or that other time when the storm hit the boat with the disciples and they pretty much said "Why are you sleeping?! Lord, save us!" It seems they didn't doubt that the Lord could save them but that the fact that he was sleeping means He didn't care about what was happening to them. 

In the midst of all this, I've realized that I am Peter. I have focused on the waves and not the Savior. I am the fearful disciples. I have focused on the what-if scenario where my life capsizes and leaves me drowning. I've accused God of slumbering and of not caring and a host of other negative thoughts/reactions. I don't wanna be like that. I mean where's the gal who wrote this and this? The one who finally recognized suffering and sorrow as part of this world and prayed for God to change her dramatically. I know she's still here but she has let fear take a vice grip on her heart and the result of fear is never freedom.

So here's to freedom - to searching and seeking everyday until God one day finishes the work He started in me.