Monday, September 16, 2013

Sunny Sunday.

We took advantage of probably the most perfect summer closing days yesterday. You know...sunny and warm with clear skies. Sunday perfection. We like hiking and try to always make it a point to go where there is something unique which is almost always a waterfall. This little place is called Blue Hole and is actually a series of waterfalls all relatively close to each other. 

It's like...perfect. See?

 This is the main's the plunge pool where people swim (without regard to their fingers or toes cause it's COLD, dude.) I can't imagine jumping into it from the waterfall but people do that, too. It might be thrilling....I'd probably chicken out. ;)

We did a little exploring, too. With the exception of the main pool, it's not really a marked trail kind of deal so we were climbing up and down rocks, over creeks, over a beaver dam (yes, a beaver dam) all with a three year old. We discoverd this:

You can't see behind me obvi but there is a small river rock bed area in a small clearing right in front of this little grotto. Totally perfect. If I wasn't a little scared of bears, I would like pitch an air mattress and build a campfire and spend all night there.

I'm very happy that Zeke seems like enjoy exploring & hiking. It makes me happy cause not only can we enjoy it all together but it's good for us, too!

We finished the day off with a last chance swim in the pool and a ridiculously delicious dinner. A  best-day-ever kind of day. I'll end with a picture where I feel like I'm photo bombing my own photo....

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  1. So fabulous!! Loving your summer weekend:) what a perfect way to soak in a perfect day! You are just darling


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