Thursday, October 10, 2013

Maybe I've lost my mind.

We've been talking about getting another dog recently. It's been pretty limited to talking about it but not really saying "Hey! Let's get another dog!" We have a Bichon Frise. (A fluff dog. All bark - no bite. Kind of shameful looking.) His name is Gizmo and I've had him since I graduated high school. As long as there isn't a full trash can around, he's a good boy.

This picture always makes me laugh a little. It needs a meme.

Needless to say, Noah doesn't feel very manly driving down the road with that head hanging out the window so we wanted a "man's dog." I've been researching breeds & different breed qualities so I can feel like we made an informed decision. Cuz' that's what responsible people do right?

Side story: We had a boxer early in our marriage but that didn't last long because this boxer was crazy. Crazy with a capital Crazy. She liked to pee on my side of the bed when Noah left for work - she pretty much hated me and she constantly jumped our chainlink fence when we left her outside to run off her energy. We gave her to someone with a farm. They gave her to someone with a bigger farm. She kind of ruined boxers for me so I said "No boxers."

Last weekend was also Noah's 30th birthday (yay for birthday!!) and we thought we'd just take a trip Sunday afternoon to "just look" at the pound.

Lesson learned:
You can never "just look" at the pound.

Meet Gandalf.

He's a mix but he's primarily boxer. Yea, I might have lost my mind.

I have a un-housebroken puppy and a potty training toddler. Definitely some crazy there.

He's cute & gangly though and it makes up for it. (The puppy - not the kid.) Skinny, little, malnourished thing but hopefully a good home and good food will have him up to his estimated 60-65 lbs. range.

Have I mentioned that I might have lost my mind? Life is busy, and crazy, and sometimes you gotta throw a little extra crazy in there to keep things alive I suppose. ;)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Different lights.

IMO, sunrises & sunsets are the most splendid handiwork of God visible by the naked human eye. Everyday, everytime they happen and none are the same as before.It's fascinating and wondrous and I might be a little obsessed because I seem to take a picture everytime I capture one that catches my breath for a second. (Then I filter it on Instagram which might kill some of the naturalness but it brings out the intensity of them so I do it.)

 Not much more to say besides that. Thankful for eyes to witness each one.