Monday, February 17, 2014

A life lately post.

I know I've been absent recently. I blame it on winter and the lazy winter doldrums it stirs. Couple that with the fact that life seems to take on a very monotonous pace this time of year and I feel fresh out of new brain juice.

Brain juice? Yikes. It's time for spring already.

We did get some snow actually. At first it was just a little and then it just dumped and we ended up getting around 6-8" which is a lot for around here. We got all classy and used a big Tupperware lid to go sledding. Zeke reminded me that he wouldn't eat the "yellow snow."

At least snow makes winter pretty.

Otherwise, we've been like making legos until I swear my finger tips are bleeding and I'm having thoughts of putting all the tiny pieces in the garbage disposal. And paying $3 for those photo strips at the mall because there isn't much else to do. O yea, I got some new glasses which at first I thought were a terrible idea but they've grown on me. They're a little dorky so they are probably perfect.

And fighting over who gets to be Batman. Or in this case rodeo pirate Batman.

I'll just leave you on that rodeo pirate Batman note.