Monday, April 14, 2014

Kitchen Cabinets {revisited}

A few years ago, I painted my kitchen cabinets. (You can see the before before here.)

Wait...3 years ago? Yikes. Where is life going?!

Back on track...

I really just wanted some updated pictures. Since then, we have torn down the backsplash wallpaper & painted over the vinyl tile (which was a horrid horrid swirly mess of 70's blue and faded yellow.) I also finished painting the kitchen a nice soft gray last week.

You can see on the side that we chucked the ceiling fan and got a chandelier. $20 thrift store find which I found retailed brand new at Lowes for $180. Score.

Part of the reasoning behind the green was that
A: the white just didn't look very smooth and had a more obvious painted look (These are old cabinets people)
B: Our floor tiles are a creamy color and there is a whole other side of the kitchen with cabinets so alllll that white just clashed.
C. Our countertops have green flecks that the green cabinet color actually pull out.

I'm still glad that I did this. I have yet to tire of the color. It took our kitchen from the shaggy depths of the 60's to more modern times and was thousands of dollars cheaper than putting new cabinets in.

This gal is still hanging out in the kitchen but hoping for a kitchen table spot makeover right there soon.

In closing, I'll get off track again. My little baby is going to be 4 in a month. *sigh* *sniffle*  Where is time going?!

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